Pivotal Moments from 2018

December 13, 2018 Pivotal Team

It’s been a BIG year for us at Pivotal, and we wanted to give our community an easy way to revisit the top moments and stories from 2018. Check out the following posts, videos, and comics that we were proud to bring you this year. Comment if you have a favorite that we missed!


Pivotal moments

From our IPO, to launching a program to support humanitarian organizations and launching Pivotal Function Service, these were some of our biggest announcements in 2018.


Good advice to read at any time

From Nate Schutta’s must-read six-part series to Cornelia Davis’ philosophical exploration on Kubernetes, these articles will get you thinking architecturally.


Customer stories

We’re incredibly proud to be helping some of the biggest companies in the world and we encourage you to read and watch some of these recent stories of transformation.


How to be more Agile

These workflow-focused posts were seriously popular with developers, engineers, and product managers all over.


Open source

We are strongly committed to many open source communities at Pivotal and here are some posts that reveal a bit about how we embrace open source at Pivotal.



For those who like to learn visually, we have a collection of comics available on our Facebook page, but here are some of our favorites.


Thank you to everyone—Pivots, partners, and customers, who have helped make 2018 a wonderful year! 


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