Microsoft Azure Partner of the Year Award: And the Winner is.......

July 17, 2017 Eli Aleyner

Continuing a winning streak, Pivotal is honored to be recognized as “Partner-of-the-year” for Azure consumption by US enterprise customers. Microsoft’s Inspire conference was the venue for this award, hosting over 16,000 of Microsoft’s 800,000 worldwide partners and consumption was the talk of the town! Inspire landed amid the biggest reorganization of Microsoft’s sales and marketing organization to align towards one goal: Azure consumption. From Gavriella Schuster, Microsoft CVP of partner programs:


Zero to Top Spot in 8 months

The rate of growth highlighted by this award is pretty remarkable when you consider that Pivotal Cloud Foundry was only made available on Azure less than a year ago. Now, Pivotal Cloud Foundry leads Azure consumption with a joint pipeline of hundreds of enterprise customers with dozens already in production.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry drives Azure consumption because, after the initial deployment, it goes viral in enterprise customer IT shops. Once other envious business units see the accelerated innovation, speed and ease of deployment, along with the no-drama day 2 operations, they all want to join the party and start migrating mission-critical workloads to Pivotal Cloud Foundry.


Microsoft Awarding Pivotal? - It’s 2017!

In a response to a journalist’s inquiry about “Why Canada’s government is now balanced between men and women”, Justin Trudeau once had a simple answer “because it is 2015!”. Well, it’s now 2017 and Pivotal, a company most associated with Open Source Software and Java development, is winning Microsoft awards. This would have been unthinkable only a few years ago, and is a testament to Azure’s open-source and customer choice strategy and the transformative potential of Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

Microsoft Enterprise and Partner CVP Phil Sorgen with the Pivotal Team

Increasingly, enterprise customers are looking to Pivotal and Microsoft to deliver on a vision for Cloud Native .NET and Windows in addition to Java and Linux. Pivotal also recently released Steeltoe, leveraging Netflix OSS technology to enable .NET customers to more easily build and operate microservice-based applications.

As a 2016 investor in Pivotal Inc., Microsoft is already seeing a rapid and growing ROI and recently doubled down on their commitment to the ecosystem by announcing their membership of the Cloud Foundry Foundation.


Azure Stack Launch Partner

Inspire was also abuzz with talk of Microsoft Azure Stack, now available to order after much industry anticipation. Providing an on-premises, Azure-consistent implementation running on optimized hardware from a choice of several partners, Azure Stack is a perfect IaaS to run Pivotal Cloud Foundry atop. Already ahead of the curve, Pivotal joined the Azure Stack team on stage as one of the first launch partners


Join the Action!

Getting started with Pivotal Cloud Foundry is easier than ever, thanks to the Azure Marketplace. There are a wide range of resources, documentation, reference architectures, webinars, and whitepapers to help smooth your journey, and the experts at Pivotal Labs are always ready to lend an experienced hand.

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Eli is a senior product and alliances leader at Pivotal, currently leading Pivotal's alliance with Microsoft. Previously Eli lead product and engineering teams at Pivotal, Microsoft, Amazon and funded startups.

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