Pivotal GemFire Now Available in the AWS Marketplace

October 9, 2017 Jon Roberts

When I'm working with new software, I often find myself expecting the impossible. I want it to be easy to use but also extremely flexible. It's hard for any piece of software to be both. So I either quickly start using the new software but then find myself frustrated because of how rigid it is, or I find myself struggling to learn the new software because of the seemingly infinite deployment and configuration options.  

Take Pivotal GemFire. GemFire is an extremely flexible in-memory data grid that can address many use cases such as data streaming, real-time analytics, WAN replication, scaling on demand, and database caching. But this flexibility means it's not always simple to deploy and configure.

Public cloud providers like Amazon are also pretty flexible.  There are numerous options just for deploying a single virtual machine on AWS.  But, like GemFire, properly configuring all of these variables can be difficult.  And if you want to automate your AWS deployment, you need to create a large JSON template file and a plethora of AWS commands to implement it.

So now we have two flexible, powerful products that are potentially even more powerful together. Not surprisingly, however, implementing GemFire on AWS can be challenging and time-consuming if you are not expert in both technologies. Wouldn't it be nice to simplify both processes so you can quickly and easily deploy GemFire on AWS and start using the product without delay? We've got good news!

Pivotal GemFire Now Available in the AWS Marketplace

Pivotal GemFire is now available in the AWS Marketplace. With just a few clicks, GemFire is up and running on the industry's leading public cloud infrastructure. Pivotal built a robust and proven AWS CloudFormation solution that accurately and securely deploys the required AWS resources, then installs and configures Pivotal GemFire for optimal performance.

One of the keys to the new GemFire offering is CloudFormation, which creates a "stack" or cluster in AWS. CloudFormation uses a large JSON template file with parameters and definitions of the AWS resources used by GemFire.  The template references an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that Pivotal created.  It contains several scripts used to deploy GemFire on AWS.

Simply put, this means Pivotal has done the hard part for you.  All you need to do is provide a handful of parameters and, within an hour,  GemFire is up and running on AWS! Pivotal GemFire on AWS also includes automatic configuration, authentication, and other tools to makes it easy to use the product without sacrificing flexibility. 

As for licensing, you can bring your own GemFire license to AWS or opt for hourly billing.  The choice is yours. If neither option provides the flexibility you need, you can also customize your GemFire on AWS deployment yourself or with the help of Pivotal Professional Services. The CloudFormation template can be downloaded, modified, and then saved to deploy your own version of what is found in the Marketplace!  

Try Pivotal GemFire on AWS Today

Pivotal GemFire on AWS makes it fast and easy to execute proof of concepts, create test and development environments, and even support production workloads. Check it out today and let us know what you think!


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About the Author

Jon Roberts

Jon Roberts is a Principal Engineer leading the development of deploying Pivotal Data Suite in the Amazon and Google Marketplaces. Prior to leading this work, he held Platform Engineering and Sales Engineering roles at Pivotal dating back to 2010. Prior to joining Pivotal, he was a Greenplum customer for three years. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Louisville. Go Cards!

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