Pivotal Data Roadshow: A View From the Road

April 6, 2015 Michael Cucchi

featured-BigDataRoadshowPeople in the market are hungry for hands-on experience and training with big data technologies. We are seeing this through the dramatic response to the Pivotal Data Roadshow, which is touring cities across North America this month. We have been packing the house with nearly 100 participants in each city. We think this is a good gauge of just how much Apache HadoopⓇ and SQL on Hadoop have been embraced within the enterprise to handle big data storage and analytics workloads.

Big Data technology continues to advance quickly. Just 18 months ago, Pivotal released the world’s first closed-loop platform for analytics and data-driven applications. While big data and Apache HadoopⓇ were moving from niche concerns to tech buzzword status, Pivotal was merging HadoopⓇ with HAWQ, a robust SQL-on-Hadoop engine, and with real time and in-memory data processing to round out our vision of how companies should operationalize big data over a Business Data Lake. It is exciting for us to learn from the roadshows that enterprises are now eagerly embracing SQL-on-Hadoop and in-memory processing technologies to solve business problems, substantiating Pivotal’s strategy and investments over the past five years.

Attendees of the Pivotal Data Roadshows have included executives, administrators and operations staff, developers, data scientists, and even college students. This variety demonstrates the enormous impact these technologies have on entire industries today and how important they are to each of their futures. Many people in our audiences have already been leveraging our Data Lake solutions as Pivotal Big Data Suite customers. These attendees have been impressed by new customer-centric entitlements within the Pivotal Big Data Suite, which includes an instance of Pivotal Cloud Foundry, as well as powerful new additions for real time data ingestion and analysis via tools such as Spring XD and Redis.


Demonstrating another key component of our 2015 strategy, the entire technical portion of the Pivotal Data Roadshow really highlights our robust cloud capabilities. All our attendee sessions are hosted in an enterprise public cloud infrastructure, spun up quickly and seamlessly in minutes. This enables us to rapidly provision 50 IoT analytics labs across our entire product set. Attendees quickly initiate analytics workflows that ingest Twitter streams and execute real time analytics across our in memory database, Gemfire. Most impressively, this all gets developed in under 5 minutes, using only two Spring XD commands, replacing what used to be hours of complex and specialized programming. Spring XD really has emerged as the star of the show, thanks to the streamlined, easy-to-understand interface it provides for our products, third party technologies, and its ability to manage either private, public, big, or fast data jobs.

Attendees have stayed hours past the scheduled end time, enjoying building out new analytics pipelines with our expert engineering teams. They also left with their lab environments equipped to continue their experiences on their own cloud, learning into the future.

If you’re interested in how big data and advanced analytics are changing companies, and would like to get your hands directly on the world’s best technology for leveraging them, be sure to check out one of the upcoming Pivotal Data Roadshows.


Upcoming Dates for the Pivotal Data Roadshow

  • Toronto, April 14
  • New York City, April 16
  • Washington, DC, April 21
  • Atlanta, April 23
  • Denver, April 28
  • Dallas/Fort Worth, April 30

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