Pivotal and VMware Team Up To Simplify Trusted Third Party Ecosystem For Enterprise PKS

May 21, 2019 Kamala Dasika

Pivotal and VMware have teamed to simplify all things Kubernetes for the enterprise. Now, we’ve joined forces to simplify how partner solutions are validated to run on Enterprise Pivotal Container Service (PKS).

VMware today announced the VMware PKS Partner Application Program, which takes the first step towards creating a qualified group of independent software vendors (ISV) that test and fully support their products on Enterprise PKS. This new initiative provides ISVs in the VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program, access to resources that will help them validate their solutions for Enterprise PKS using a pre-configured and ready-to-use test bed.  

The “Partner Ready-VMware PKS” status earned by products successfully validated through this new program, will also be recognized by the Pivotal Technology Partner Program (PTPP), so ISVs developing solutions for Enterprise PKS do not need to repeat the validation process with Pivotal.


Technology partners enrolled in both programs can enjoy these three benefits:

  • Differentiate your solution by displaying your validation status

  • On-ramp your solution via a streamlined process

  • Increase your exposure to the Kubernetes user community via both Pivotal and VMware programs


Customers Are The Real Winners

Enterprises are looking to extend their applications with trusted third-party tools that “just work.” This program offers up the assurance that ISV products and services they need can easily integrate with or run on their platform. As Brandon Zaharof from Shields Health explains: “When you're delivering a software as a service, via the cloud environment at a massive scale, making sure you are adhering to the highest standards, security and compliance is really essential. That's one key element that we really focus on...and a number of other third-party systems that we use, in order to make sure our data is secure.”

Therefore, platform engineers have often struggled to deliver an automated, service catalog of add-on capabilities for development teams to consume. They have to manage a number of integrations on a team by team, app by app basis. All of that leads to complexity that hinders productivity. Thanks to this new program, enterprises can now:


  1. Connect to an array of curated, best-in-class, complementary 3rd-party solutions that have been validated.

  2. Provide developers with solutions to address various aspects of the application lifecycle, from coding and testing to release and maintenance, so they are empowered to quickly build and deliver next-generation cloud-native workloads.

  3. Scale security, governance and compliance capabilities to the enterprise to serve as force multipliers of automation, productivity and value.


Congratulations to Aqua Security, Cloudbees, Crunchy Data, Twistlock, and Pivotal Greenplum who have already validated their solutions for Enterprise PKS through this program. We look forward to many more new and existing partners in the pipeline to take advantage of this resource in the coming weeks.


To learn more, please check out the following resources and reach out to the Pivotal ISV team for next steps


About the Author

Kamala Dasika

Kamala Dasika has been working on Cloud Foundry since 2011 and has previously held various product or engineering positions at VMware, Tibco, SAP, and Applied Biosystems. Kamala started her software career 17 years ago with a transformative technology – the first fully automated, high throughput instrument used to sequence the Human Genome. She believes she is working with another transformative team at Pivotal that will change the way software is produced. Kamala holds a B.S.E in Computer Engineering and an M.B.A., Marketing Management.

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