Pivotal and VMware Preview Turnkey Cloud Native Platform

August 31, 2015 James Watters

sfeatured-pcf-photonThis month Gartner predicted that:

“By 2020, 75 percent of application purchases supporting digital business will be “build,” not “buy,”

The rush to build not buy is reversing previous generations of off the shelf software purchases in IT. Further they noted a dramatic rise in legacy application refactoring as enterprises increasingly shift from infrequent monolithic deployments to Cloud Native microservices.

“One of the current top five IT project priorities is “application modernization of installed on-premises core enterprise applications”

As we enter the next generation of digitally differentiating and refactored Cloud Native applications, every enterprise data center must be an efficient place to run Cloud Native applications.

Today VMware launched their new scale out infrastructure solution, Photon Platform, a multi-tenant, API-driven control plane optimized for scale, churn and rapid provisioning of virtual machines and containers. The controller will be released as an open source project to help encourage broad input.

With Photon, scale out infrastructure is just a quick API call away, but Cloud Native applications require a new generation of distributed middleware and developer tooling for rapid delivery and efficient operations. Pivotal Cloud Foundry provides a structured platform for new and refactored enterprise applications and microservices, allowing the world’s leading companies to go from idea to production in less than a day.

Photon Platform is the perfect substrate for Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and we are teaming with VMware to offer a fully integrated, single turnkey Cloud Native solution.

As Pivotal Cloud Foundry rocketed to a $100M run rate in only six quarters a majority of our customers deployed it on-prem with VMware technologies. Modernizing existing enterprise applications often requires running new and refactored applications in existing data centers, but now new levels of efficiency and self service are available for developers. By offering Photon Platform and Pivotal Cloud Foundry together in one single price/package, and backing it with enormous joint R&D attention, Pivotal and VMware will define the efficient delivery and operation of custom enterprise software for the next decade.

Designed from the ground up purely to continuously deliver Cloud Native and differentiating software, the new unified Photon/Pivotal Cloud Foundry stack is revolutionary in its completeness. It offers everything needed to deliver applications but the hardware:

  • Microvisor (ESX, Photon Machine)
  • Infrastructure management and control (Photon Platform)
  • Container Micro Operating system, patches and support (Photon OS)
  • Cloud Native orchestration with push button platform scaling (Pivotal Cloud Foundry Operations manager)
  • Cloud Native high availability container runtime (Pivotal Cloud Foundry Elastic runtime)
  • Cloud Native data services (MySQL, Redis, Cassandra, Kafka, RMQ, GemFire)
  • Enterprise microservices framework (Spring Boot/Cloud, Netflix OSS)

As we enter a new generation of aggressive enterprise software development the turnkey combination of the new VMware Photon Platform and Pivotal Cloud Foundry promises an iPhone like integrated experience for Cloud Native applications in any data center. Look for many more updates as we progress to a GA of the combined product in the first half of 2016 together with VMware.

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About the Author

James Watters

James Watters is the Senior Vice President, Strategy of Pivotal. James serves as our Senior Vice President, Strategy, where he has helped shepherd Pivotal Cloud Foundry into a highly disruptive enterprise software business, and helped led our efforts to bringing our cloud-native platform to the world. Prior to joining Pivotal, James held leading product roles at VMware and Sun Microsystems.

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