Pivotal and VentureBeat Present DataBeat Data Science Summit 2013

October 23, 2013 Paul M. Davis

dssDespite the Big Data hype, data science poses some of the greatest challenges—and opportunities—before enterprises today. Beyond the buzzwords, there remains a reality that businesses must embrace to stay relevant, competitive, and innovative. DataBeat’s Data Science Summit 2013, a partnership between Pivotal and VentureBeat, addresses this reality, offering deep dives into the data-driven enterprise from many of the leading practitioners in the space.

Taking place on December 4th and 5th in Redwood City, CA, the Data Science Summit 2013 will offer discussion, expertise and ideas regarding data science, analytics, and Big Data storage and management under one roof. The event will bring together data practitioners from consumer Internet giants like Facebook and LinkedIn, data science trailblazers, business leaders who are already reaping value from a data-driven approach, as well as leading academic researchers. Speakers include:

  • Josh James, CEO, Domo
  • Ken Rudin, Head of Analytics, Facebook
  • Joseph Hellerstein, CEO & Founder, Trifacta
  • John Henry Clippinger, Founder & Executive Director, ID3, MIT Media Lab
  • Peter Skomoroch, former Principal Data Scientist, LinkedIn
  • Ari Gesher, Software and Systems Engineer, Palantir
  • Rohan Deuskar, Co-Founder and CEO, Stylitics
  • Jason Fass, CEO, Zepp Labs
  • Tarek Kamil, Executive Director, InfoMotion Sports Technologies
  • Steve Hillion, Chief Product Officer, Alpine Data Labs
  • Michael Driscoll, Co-Founder & CEO, Metamarkets
  • Scott Yara, SVP of Products & Platform, Pivotal
  • Richard Snee, CMO, Pivotal
  • Roman Stanek, CEO & Founder, GoodData

The Data Science Summit 2013 is the brainchild of VentureBeat founder Matt Marshall and Pivotal’s Richard Snee. The event’s tagline, “It’s What You Do With Data” emphasizes their focus on moving beyond the hypothetical to examine the real opportunities, challenges, and success stories of businesses realizing real value from a data-driven approach. In his post announcing the event, Marshall characterizes the current landscape in blunt terms:

Analyzing data is the lifeblood of every company. Increasingly, too, there’s talk of a data “divide.” The winners are those who are applying data to get ahead. The losers are the ones sitting on the sidelines, scratching their heads over what data they’ve got and what to do with it. Which side will you be on?

Visit the Data Science Summit 2013 page to find out more about the event, speakers, and register for early bird tickets.

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