Our Top 10 Quotes From OSCON 2015

July 27, 2015 David Soul

Last week’s annual O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) was a hotbed of discussion on cloud-native application development, engineering culture, and open software collaboration. Topics at the Portland-based conference ranged from technical innovations in container orchestration and microservices, to the economic and cultural changes behind recent record growth in open-source project collaboration among organizations.

With many of the most interesting conversations occurring online and in the hallway track, I thought I’d share my 10 favorite quotes from OSCON 2015.

On Cloud Native Development:

  1. “The move from mainframes to PCs completely changed the way we think about building applications. Client/server changed it again. Mobile, again. The move to containers and Cloud Native apps is on the same scale.” Greg DeMichillie, Google
  1. “The question is not whether Cloud Native will be a destination, then, but rather how one gets there.” – Stephen O’Grady, Redmonk

On DevOps:

  1. “If your developers are spending time thinking about individual machines, you’re operating at too low-level of an abstraction. You want to operate at the level of applications.” – Greg DeMichillie, Google
  1. On containerization: “Containers are changing the data center the same way containers changed global trade.” – Jim Zemlin, Linux Foundation

On Open Source:

  1. “We live in an age of open-source. Open source has won.” – Sam Ramji, Cloud Foundry Foundation
  1. “Organizations should think of open-source not as endangering revenue, but rather as driving adoption.” – Brian Cantrill, Joyent

On Why Facebook Contributes To Open Source:

  1. “By sharing our code, our stack, and in some cases even our hardware designs, we think that other companies and individuals are just able to move faster. Far from this being a competitive threat, we find that this value accrues back to us.” James Pearce, Facebook

On Bringing Open Source Practices To Internal Projects:

  1. “Open source has a long tail and that tail is inner source… Inner source is interesting because we want more craftmanship, more mentorship and more velocity.” – Danese Cooper, Paypal

On Software Architecture:

  1. “If we don’t create good architecture, then in the end, we’re deceiving our customers, because we’re slowing down their ability to compete.” – Martin Fowler, Thoughtworks
  1. “Your team setup says more about your architecture than the architecture itself.” – Raffi Krikorian, Uber

For more, check out the OSCON website or watch the full OSCON talks online.

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