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June 16, 2014 Janice Fraser

The Luxr Team Joins Pivotal Labs

Pivotal Labs has a mission to change the way the world builds software, and I’m pleased to announce that Luxr’s team of Lean Startup specialists is joining Pivotal to become an important part of making that goal a reality. Since 2010, Luxr has led the development of Lean Startup methodologies, helping innovators bring new products to market with less risk and greater impact. Throughout that time, Pivotal and Luxr have been close partners, developing new methods, consulting together, and driving innovation through Lean and Agile methods for many mutual clients, at both the startup and enterprise level.

What We Can Accomplish Together

The news of our teams joining forces has received this glowing endorsement from the creator of the Lean Startup movement:

“Luxr has one of the strongest Lean Startup teams out there. Luxr’s approach enables ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things, while operating in an environment of extreme uncertainty. With this addition, Pivotal Labs has expanded its ability to support corporate and government innovation,” says Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup.

I’m so proud of what Luxr accomplished with innovators in Silicon Valley, Washington D.C., and around the world. We had the privilege of working with thousands of founders in hundreds of early-stage companies. As part of the Design and Product Management team of Pivotal Labs, we will be able to expand on that work and have a much greater impact.

“Sharethrough has worked with Luxr and with Pivotal for several years. Both companies taught our team valuable lessons and made meaningful contributions to Sharethrough’s product leadership in the native advertising category. I have no doubt that this combination will yield a fantastic result,” says Rob Fan, co-founder and CTO of Sharethrough.

What You Can Expect from Us

Luxr plus Pivotal Labs is a natural fit. Both teams take an Agile approach to software development, and both teams have an unrelenting focus on the end-user experience and effective product strategy practices and principles. We believe that it’s not just what you work on, but how you work together that predisposes a project or innovation to success.

The workshops, accelerator programs, and innovation labs that Luxr has done around the world are still on offer, now to a broader range of clients, from our new home at Pivotal. We are particularly excited that Pivotal’s enterprise clients, many of whom are looking to modernize their development practices, will now have direct access to the latest thought leadership and innovation from the Lean movement.

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