Orbotix is looking for a Senior Rails developer to join their team in Boulder

July 25, 2011 Mike Barinek

At Pivotal Labs, one of the services we provide our clients is helping them interview and hire. Pivotal Labs and our clients place a strong emphasis on Agile development and its many aspects: Pair Programming, Test-Driven Development, rapid iterations, and frequent refactoring.


We’re looking for a brilliant Rails developer to join our star team in Boulder, CO and take the lead on all web development projects. If you want to share your knowledge while learning from others, work smart, and contribute to some awesome projects, we think you’ll have a blast with us. As a bonus you’ll get to play with robots, games and mobile devices all day long.

Job Description:

  • 2+ year experience with the Ruby language and the Rails framework, must have a proficiency with the entire Ruby on Rails stack.
  • 4+ years of standards compliant HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery.
  • 4+ years of Java, PHP or equivalent platform experience (including related DB experience such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc).
  • Awesome attitude and fun personality.
  • Ability to communicate with both technical and non-technical team members

About Orbotix

Although you are encouraged to send a traditional resume, a resume will not alone won’t make you stand out. So along with your resume please send a brief explanation about who you are and why you would be a good fit for Orbotix. Include pictures, videos, or screenshots of your previous projects, both professional and personal. We’re just geeks like you so don’t hold back. Email us… jobs [at] orbotix (dot) com.

Orbotix is a venture backed startup with the vision that you shouldn’t be limited to emailing, getting directions, and playing a game of scrabble on your mobile device. You should be able to just as easily download an app to control all of the physical devices around you. No more remotes. No more clunky interfaces. No more keys. Everything is done with the powerful mobile device that you already carry with you. We’re looking for someone great to join our small but hardcore engineering team to help design and implement our products, starting with Sphero, a powerful robotic entertainment device.

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