oneforty Seeks Rails Developer in Cambridge, MA

July 15, 2010 Sean Beckett

At Pivotal Labs, one of the services we provide our clients is helping them interview and hire. Pivotal Labs and our clients place a strong emphasis on Agile development and its many aspects: Pair Programming, Test-Driven Development, rapid iterations, and frequent refactoring.

oneforty, a Cambridge, MA company, is looking for a Rails Developer to join their team. The full job posting follows.

oneforty is looking for a talented and highly motivated Rails developer to join our funded startup.

We’re a small, ambitious team building a marketplace for Twitter applications. We’re looking for self-starters who get things done and are fired up about building a social web application. The position offers competitive salary with equity, benefits and an opportunity to join an early-stage startup to play a key role in growing an exciting business.

This position is to join a small development team (3 engineers & UX designer) to contribute to all aspects of developing our site. This will include helping define new functionality, coding the implementation, testing and creating metrics to define success.

This position is full-time and on-site in Central Square, Cambridge, MA (right above the Red Line stop on Mass Ave).

An ideal candidate is someone who:

  • is an excellent coder who is comfortable tackling open-ended problems.
  • has prior at least 2+ years of web development experience, having built & deployed apps in Rails with a strong understanding of the lifecycle of a web request (DNS, HTTP(S), cookies, etags, etc.). Prior experience with web performance at scale is a plus.
  • is a generalist and is knowledgeable (although not necessarily expert) with related backend technologies (Linux, MySQL, AWS), front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript/JQuery) in addition to web programming practices (TDD, git).
  • demonstrates love of continued learning (ex. hacking on NoSQL, building a node.js app, reading up on HTML5, etc.), and has contributed to open source or personal projects.
  • has a background in Computer Science.


  • Using Twitter is part of the job.
  • Loaded MacBookPro.
  • Stocked fridge.
  • Ping pong table.
  • Flexible hours. We prefer to work smart over long hours.
  • Laid back culture.

If this is you

Please visit to send us your resume and links to your Github account, blog, projects you’ve built, your Twitter handle or anything else you’d like to share. We’d love to talk with you!

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