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April 13, 2009 Pivotal Labs

When Leah Silber and I first sat down to talk about putting on Golden Gate Ruby Conference, there were a few things we wanted to do but weren’t sure we could manage given it was our first year and we didn’t know if we could afford everything. The biggest of those things, and the one we get the most questions about, was whether we’d be able to record videos of the presentations. Well, I’m happy to say we’ll be doing just that. Pivotal Labs, already one of our platinum sponsors, stepped up and offered to cover not only the the cost of producing videos of all the sessions but also the hosting of them. This makes me pretty happy, as Pivotal has been recording its own tech talk series for many months and Chris Odell does a great job with the videos.

We also wanted to guarantee there would be good live-blogging of the conference. Often a good blogger can make a big difference in capturing the feel of a conference, but mostly those things just happen by accident. We decided we wanted to help it happen, so we arranged for an official blogger for the conference. Chad Woolley will be leading a team of pivots to chronicle the conference as it happens.

And to top everything off, the conference will be streamed live by Did you know was one of the biggest Ruby-powered websites on the internet? Not many people realize that. Anyway, they’ll have someone there covering all the conference presentations and streaming it live. If you’re watching that way, you might want to get on IRC on freenode and follow along on the #gogaruco channel.

That’s a lot of stuff, but there’s only one place you have to go for it all:

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