On Tweed's connection woes…

September 5, 2009 Christian Sepulveda

We know many users have been very frustrated by Tweed lately. Tweed has had problems connecting reliably to Twitter. While other clients, be it mobile or desktop, have also had problems connecting to Twitter, Tweed does seem to be more frequently affected.

The conundrum is that it is intermittent and seemingly arbitrary. Some users are just fine, others seem to never have a working Tweed. For ourselves, we occasionally have problems with Tweed as well, but not nearly as often as some users, which has made diagnosis and resolution hard.

These problems seem to have started after the recent DDoS attacks on Twitter. Before that, Tweed seemed to connect fine and we haven’t changed our integration. Perhaps something changed in Twitter’s API implementation that is at odds with Tweed — we don’t know.

At the very least, please know we are actively working on it. While we are also working on making Tweed functionally better (true photo upload, more photo viewing options, full size profile pic viewing, …), we are devoted to make Tweed as reliable and as fast as we can.

As always, you can reach us vai @tweed on Twitter,or via email at tweed-support@pivotallabs.com.

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