No Password, No Problem: Access the Guest Wi-Fi with a QR code

January 9, 2013 Laurence Koret


Do you have a wireless network that you want to enable guest access to quickly? Here’s the scenario: your guest is looking perplexedly at the ceiling [because that’s where the gods of wireless evidently dwell] and giving you that ‘srsly?’ look. Why hasn’t wi-fi magically appeared on their device? Isn’t this a tech wonderland? Don’t panic, bring the magic. No Password? No Problem. Instead of making your client do the work of typing in a password for access without his or her glasses, create a QR code to scan instead! They are bound to have at least one QR reader app on their smart device or laptop with camera already. Keep your guest-wifi QR code printed and tacked up on some wall, eye-level, so the they can scan it and instantly log into your guest network. There, you’ve already made them feel like Pivotal Labs is actually bigger on the inside, like the Tardis, and you are Dr. Who. 

How do you generate the QR code from your network? There are a few different ways. Try an app for the iPhone/iPad called Qrafter or on the Google play store with InstaWifi. If you would prefer to generate the QR code on a desktop or laptop you can use the website QR4.

One word to the wise:

This is not recommended for a network which you want to keep private. No telling when a bad wolf could infiltrate.


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