New Spring XD Releases And Beta Release Of Flo For Spring XD

June 17, 2015 Sabby Anandan


Today, we are pleased to announce the general availability of Spring XD 1.2, Spring XD 1.1.3 and ‘Flo for Spring XD’ as public BETA releases.

Over the past 3 months, the Spring XD team has been working hard on the development of next GA release. The general availability of Spring XD 1.2 release has many new features, which are explained in more detail in the engineering blog. Keeping up with the product vision, the key focus for this release is delivering uncompromised developer experience and productivity improvements. This release includes a wide range improvements ranging from an HTML5 UI canvas for data pipelines to an Apache Ambari installed Spring XD cluster.

Spring XD 1.2 Release Summary

  • Public BETA launch of Flo for Spring XD, an HTML5-based canvas for creating data pipelines, analytics dashboards, and monitoring
  • Performance optimization to deliver over 1M messages/second and linear scaling characteristics
  • New community-contributed, out-of-the-box source, processor, sinks, and batch modules
  • Foundational-level runtime refactoring and improvements to port Spring XD modules as cloud-native apps in Pivotal Cloud Foundry including Lattice and Diego
  • Apache Ambari installed Spring XD cluster
  • Custom module bits and resiliency improvements
  • Custom Module Registry and HA Support
  • Consistent application model to consume and write data to Pivotal HAWQ, Pivotal GemFire, Pivotal Greenplum Database, and Pivotal HD
  • Sqoop integration improvements

Continuing developers’ productivity theme along with a seamless developer cloud on-­ramp experience, it is our goal to provide a clear migration path from monolithic data apps to data microservices, and to fully automated Spring XD on the Lattice/Diego service. Challenging and yet exciting times ahead!

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About the Author

Sabby Anandan

Sabby Anandan is a Product Manager on the Spring Team at VMware. He focuses on building products that address the challenges faced with iterative development and operationalization of data-intensive applications at scale. Before joining VMware, Sabby worked in engineering and management consulting positions. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics from the University of Madras and a Master’s in Information Technology and Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

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