New Report Looks at Big Data's Impact on Health Care

October 9, 2012 Paul M. Davis

While proposed solutions are a matter of fierce debate, there’s few who would argue that the United States health care system is inefficient and in need of creative disruption. As a result, an increasing number of health care providers, researchers, and insurers are looking towards Big Data to reduce inefficiencies and improve quality of care. “Big Data in Healthcare: Hype and Hope” is a new study by Bonnie Feldman, D.D.S., M.B.A., in partnership with seed accelerator/health advocacy group Rock Health, to drill down and explore the ways Big Data could improve domestic healthcare.

The study makes the case that Big Data can improve healthcare in six key ways:

  • Support Research: Genomics and Beyond
  • Transform Data to Information
  • Support Self-Care
  • Support Care Providers
  • Increase Awareness
  • Pool Data to Expand the Ecosystem

Read more about the study at Rock Health, and on Read/Write Web.

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