New in Pivotal Tracker: Stay signed in across browsers, all-HTTPS, 3rd party tools RSS feed

June 6, 2011 Dan Podsedly

As we blogged about last week, all pages in Tracker that require you to sign in are now served exclusively over secure HTTPS.

As part of this update, we’ve also improved how “remembered” sessions work. Select the remember me checkbox on the signin page, and you’ll stay signed in for two weeks in that browser. This now works across multiple browsers .To clear all of your remembered sessions, just sign out anywhere, and resetting your password will clear all remembered sessions as well.

We’ve also made it easier to keep with all of the latest and greatest 3rd party tools and add-ons for Tracker, with a new RSS feed. Follow this link to add the feed to your feed reader, or click the RSS link at the top of the 3rd party tools page.

If you haven’t been there recently, there are now around 80 third party tools listed, including the popular TrackerBot, an iPad/iPhone client for Tracker, Pivotal Tracker Analytics, an on-demand business intelligence application from GoodData, the Pivotal Tracker Story Board, a Chrome extension that shows your current iteration as a card wall, and many others!

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