Multi-clipboard for Mac

June 13, 2007 Alex Chaffee

IntelliJ IDEA has a great feature: if you hit control-shift-V you see a list of the ten most recent selections you cut or copied onto the clipboard. Here are two ways to get the same thing on all Mac OS X apps.

Quicksilver’s “Clipboard” and “Shelf” plugins

Bottom line:

  1. In QS preferences, go to (top menu) Plugins / (left menu) AllPlugins
  2. Check the ‘Clipboard Module’ and the ‘Shelf Module’ so that they get installed
  3. Bounce QS
  4. Go back into QS preferences and go to (top menu) Preferences / (left menu) Clipboard to tweak your clipboard size and behavior
  5. Now copy some text from some app
  6. Now hit Command-Space, then immediately afterwards once QS comes up Command-L to see the Clipboard History window pop up for you.

I think the Shelf module lets you store clips permanently, but I haven’t figured out how to use it yet.


A scissors icon will appear in your menu bar. Whenever you cut or copy a text item, it’ll be added to that menu. Clippings can also be accessed
by a hotkey (default is Control-Option-V.) A little window like the one you see when using the application switcher or the brightness controls will appear. While holding the modifier keys , use the arrow keys to scroll through the stack.

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