MuchMusic, MTV and Virgin Live Are Now Mobile Friendly!

May 15, 2012 Pivotal Labs

Staying connected is more important now than ever before. We keep in touch with family, friends, our social networks, emails and now our entertainment outlets too. These outlets need to be available on-demand and in real-time. So to the delight of many, including those belonging to a younger demographic, we’re pleased to inform you that MuchMusic, MTV and Virgin Live Mobile are now available on the fly in the form of mobile websites!

But let’s be honest; not ALL mobile browsing experiences are pleasant. Isn’t it annoying when it’s difficult to navigate an unfriendly website from inside your mobile browser? You have to deal with slow loading times, the unscaled photos and text, and not to mention the endless scrolling to find what you’re looking for.

Well Xtreme Labs gets this, so you can breathe a sigh of relief! The new MuchMusic, MTV and Virgin Live mobile sites offer their latest content to keep you up-to-date through a mobile optimized site designed for your mobile devices.

Now, all this info is great but you may be asking yourselves: “how did they do it?” What’s special about these mobile websites from a development perspective?

MuchMusic, MTV and Virgin Live Mobile were all built on XL Magic; our very own web platform. XL Magic truly is magical as it enables the sites to repurpose components, reducing time to market.

Here’s a breakdown to help you understand how XL Magic works:

  • We built the framework for the mobile website.
  • MuchMusic, MTV and Virgin Live teams plug in the content, make adjustments, easily change the layout.
  • Content gets displayed.

XL Magic allows for easy site navigation, content display, and increased usability. For the user, this means the mobile websites are engaging, interactive, and a pleasure to use. You can focus on the content without the headaches of dealing with long loading times and scalability issues.

Here’s what you can seamlessly browse on your mobile device from MuchMusic and MTV:

  • clips from the latest shows like New Music Live, MTV Live and more;
  • movie and music news;
  • fashion news highlights; and
  • access to exclusive contests.

Virgin Mobile utilizes the XL Magic platform as well for excellent content display and to provide users with a seamless browsing experience. When users open their browser, Virgin Mobile Members see the latest and greatest content from MuchMusic and MTV and get access to exclusive Member Benefits.

Check out the mobile sites through the links below but in order to really appreciate them, we encourage you to experience them using your mobile web browser.

To learn more about the mobile websites click here. To talk to us about XL Magic and how it can transform your mobile site contact us here!

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