More Capabilities, Same Goal, New Name—Transform with the Pivotal Platform

September 4, 2019 Pivotal Team

We work in a complicated industry—tons of vendors selling ever-changing software and services that solve a thin slice of your problem. Pivotal makes that simpler by selling an integrated product and professional services to ensure you successfully adapt and grow.

As the scope of our software portfolio expanded, we decided to simplify how we talk about it. How do our customers refer to what we sell? They call it our platform. So in the interest of simplicity, we have rebranded our platform Pivotal Platform. 

You’ll start to see references to Pivotal Cloud Foundry evolving to Pivotal Platform leading up to SpringOne Platform. Join us at that conference in Austin Texas October 7th to learn more.

And in case you’re wondering, rebranding our platform and incorporating Kubernetes into our flagship Application Service in no way changes our strong relationship with the Cloud Foundry Foundation—our investment and community contributions to Cloud Foundry will continue in order to meet the demands of developers and users.


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