Mobile Technology Leaders Including Facebook, Google, and Twitter Converge At M1 Summit

November 3, 2014 Stacey Schneider

featured-M1summitTrends in Mobile

There is no questioning the growing importance of mobile: there are nearly 7 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, and for the first time ever, smartphone sales surpassed feature phone sales last year. Furthermore, Gartner estimated that in 2014, U.S. consumers would spend an estimated 2 hours 51 minutes per day using their mobile device (excluding phone use), surpassing PC consumption for the first time. This growing usage accounts for why Cisco has estimated that mobile website traffic will increase 11-fold from 2013-2018.

Our Work in Mobile

With over 25 years of experience developing software, including being among the pioneers of mobile app development, Pivotal Labs has a long-term interest and knowledge of the rapidly changing mobile ecosystem. And through last year’s acquisition of award-winning mobile development firm Xtreme Labs, Pivotal ramped up its game even more.

Pivotal now has what may be the world’s largest agile development team, building web and mobile apps, many of which you likely use every day. Our customers look to us to help them solve the next big challenges in mobile. With the pressure in the mobile space rising, we decided to partner with Eniac Ventures to sponsor and co-host their second M1 (Mobile-First) Summit, where the luminaries in the Pivotal network of customers, investors and technology partners could share with other mobile technologists the most important challenges and solutions in today’s mobile space.

About M1 Summit

M1 Summit takes place this November 13th at The Village in San Francisco. This highly curated event is a unique community gathering of mobile brands, agencies, founders, investors and strategic acquirers, each with a unique perspective on how to succeed in mobile.

Attendees can view sessions on the latest in mobile technology with the innovators who are pushing its boundaries. Content sessions include keynotes, fireside chats and panels on mobile topics covering industries as diverse as Healthcare, Education, Commerce, Entertainment, Transportation, Advertising, Wearables, and more.


Some of the luminaries speaking are Russell Simmons, Media Mogul & Chairman & CEO of All Def Digital; Kara Swisher, Co-Founder of Re/code; and Jason Spero, Global Head of Performance Media at Google.

Several representatives from Pivotal will also be speaking and moderating panels: Sundeep Madra, CTO Mobile; Farhan Thawar, VP of Engineering; Jeremy Black, Director of Business Development; and Jeana Alayaay, Product Manager.

Besides those named above, other speakers include top executives from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Airbnb, Pinterest, Paypal, and others.

We expect 500-600 attendees across both small and large companies including brands, agencies, venture capital, and corporate development.


M1 is coming up soon, so we encourage you to register quickly before tickets are sold out. Click here to register:

For members of the media interested in connecting, please contact us here.

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