Microsoft joins the Cloud Foundry Foundation

June 13, 2017 John Allwright

You’ve likely heard many times that Microsoft’s ‘all-in’ on open-source software and Cloud, and the shock-value has dissipated. Linux is super popular on Microsoft Azure and .NET development is enjoying a renaissance, as .NET core and Xamarin made it the developer platform available, beyond the traditional Windows-only base.

But that’s only half the story. Github recently called out Microsoft as the top contributor to open source projects, beating out other software vendors you might have expected to take the top spot. This comes as a result of Microsoft heartily embracing the open source movement and philosophy as a contributor as well as a consumer.

Today, at the Cloud Foundry Summit, Microsoft takes their openness & participation to the next stage, announcing that they're joining Pivotal and other leading software vendors as a Gold member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. The Cloud Foundry Foundation is unique in offering an industrial strength, cloud-native application platform fit for enterprise use out-of-the-box.

Pivotal’s relationship with Microsoft extends over many years, with a constant focus on helping Fortune 2000 customers transform the way they build software and compete in the age of the Silicon Valley disruptor. As the leading contributor of code to the Cloud Foundry project, Pivotal has enabled first class support for Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, .NET development platform and Windows operating system.

With joint customers including Ford, GE, Merrill, Manulife and a pipeline of over 200 more, Azure provides the ideal substrate on which to run Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Our partnership and customer base provides industry validation for the benefits of Cloud Foundry while driving a real-world backlog of features for future releases.

Through our joint engineering efforts over the past 2 years we've delivered a range of enhancements to bring Cloud Foundry to Azure and the Microsoft ecosystem. Highlights from that work include:

Microsoft's 2016 investment in Pivotal further underlines their enthusiasm and engagement with the Cloud Foundry community and ecosystem.

Pivotal is proud to partner with Microsoft on their evolving journey into open source with Cloud Foundry; a cloud-native platform built for digital transformation, powered by the cloud. 

Register for a webinar on Cloud Foundry on Azure to learn more.

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