Meet Pivotal Cloud Foundry Dev: Your Ticket To Running Cloud Foundry Locally

April 27, 2016 Stephen Levine


Joint work provided by Stephen Levine and David Wadden.

“It works on my machine.” Those are five of the scariest words in software development. One of the key characteristics of Cloud Native, 12-factor apps is parity between environments. But, Pivotal Cloud Foundry® is a platform based on a variety of distributed components that typically run on a fleet of servers. How can a developer effectively simulate something locally with so many moving parts? The answer: PCF Dev.

PCF Dev is a new Pivotal product that allows developers to run a nearly feature-complete Pivotal Cloud Foundry® installation locally in a single virtual machine. With PCF Dev, you can cf push apps that take advantage of any of the Cloud Foundry buildpacks or Docker. Then, you can bind those apps to included MySQL, Redis, and RabbitMQ services, as well as user-provided services running on your workstation. With PCF Dev, we aim to provide the full PCF experience locally, allowing you to iterate on your apps quickly in a production-like environment. PCF Dev includes condensed versions of the same production-grade components that comprise PCF, such as the Diego application scheduler.

PCF Dev is free to download and easy to use. Getting started is simple. You’ll be able to set up your environment and deploy your first app to PCF Dev in 30 minutes or less.

As you can see in the screenshot below, you access and interact with PCF Dev just as you would with a real PCF environment.

PCF Dev console

This initial release doesn’t include Apps Manager or Spring Cloud Services, but both of these components are on the roadmap.

We are constantly updating PCF Dev with new capabilities, so don’t hesitate to leave us feedback or report issues in our Github issue tracker.


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