Looking for a Rails developer to join the Pivotal Tracker team

February 4, 2011 Dan Podsedly

Pivotal Labs has been at the forefront of agile since it’s early days. We’ve honed our skills on hundreds of successful projects, and evolved agile techniques into a very effective, and practical software development process. Along the way, we also built Pivotal Tracker, a very popular project management and collaboration app, which embodies that process.

Not only does Tracker serve as a critical component of our own development, it’s also relied on by thousands of teams around the world, from open source developers, to fast growing startups, and many larger companies, including some of the most well-known tech giants.

We’re ramping up our efforts, and have a long list of improvements we’d like to make to Tracker, on a number of fronts. Tracker is ready to be taken to the next level – but we need help!

We’re looking for someone enthusiastic about agile software development to join the Tracker team in Denver, Colorado. At Pivotal Labs, we practice pair programming, test-driven / behavior-driven development, and aggressive refactoring. Tracker runs on Ruby on Rails and a ton of Javascript, so we’re looking for someone familiar with both, as well as web development in general. We’re also doing a fair bit of dev-ops these days, engaging with our user community, as well as helping out with customer support.

If you’re interested in joining the team, please send a cover letter and your current resume to tracker-jobs@pivotallabs.com. Principals only, please.

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