Live Streaming without a YouTube Partner Account

September 10, 2012 Tonya Podkuiko

The need to live stream across multiple platforms is becoming a necessity with everyone having different preferences of web tools. At our company we are trying to reach as many people as possible for Tech Talks (short half hour sessions focused on a particular topic). In order to broaden our audience we decided we wanted to use YouTube without the burden of becoming a YouTube Partner.

The way to do this is to use Google+ Hangouts to stream live directly to YouTube. Below are the Google+ Hangouts and YouTube steps to stream live.


You must have a Google Plus and YouTube account. Both are free.


Perform the YouTube settings before moving to Google+ Hangouts.


  1. Go to YouTube

  2. Make sure you are logged in to your account and click on My channel on the left nav bar next to your profile icon.

  3. Click the Channel Settings button at the top above your name and profile icon.

  4. Choose the Tabs tab at the top of the grey box, then choose the Featured tab along the left side. In the center you will see five different layout choices, click Live Broadcaster. When you have made your choice of layout click Done Editing at the top in the blue section of the page.

Before your broadcast begins (in the countdown stage) your YouTube page will have a black video with the words Hangouts on it. Once you go live your video will show up.

Google+ Hangouts

  1. Go to Google Hangouts

  2. Click the red Start A Hangout button

  3. Enter the name of your Hangout and check Enable Hangouts On Air (you can also add specific people, or circles from Google+ or by email). Click the blue Hangout button.

  4. A box will pop up letting you know that it will show up on your Google+ stream and on your YouTube channel. Click Okay, got it if you wan to stream on your YouTube channel.

    • If this is your first time using Google+ Hangouts and YouTube, you will be asked by YouTube Gadget for permission to use Google+ Hangouts. Click “Allow access”)
  5. Your webcam will show up in Google+ Hangouts, here you choose the tab YouTube and you will get a box with some things to remember. Click OK.

  6. If you wish to send someone the YouTube link or post it on other social media sites you will need to click on the Embed link and you will get the URL. You can also copy the HTML and embed it into a webpage or blog. You should do this before you start your broadcast, but you can certainly do it at any time during the broadcast.

  7. Next, make sure you are still on the YouTube tab and click the red Start broadcast button.

  8. Before your broadcast can begin a box will pop up alerting you that you will be broadcasting publicly. Click OK.

  9. Once you click the OK button on the ‘Broadcast Publicly’ pop-up you will see the red button say Posting in and start to count down from 10. It will post to YouTube and Google+ Stream once the countdown is over. If you want to make sure everything is broadcasting correctly you should go to your YouTube channel.

  10. When you are ready to end your broadcast you click the End broadcast button and a message will pop up stating your broadcast has been successfully terminated.

NOTE: Once you have ended your broadcast the video will automatically upload to YouTube and be available on your channel. If you do not want it to stay on your channel you
MUST go in and delete it.

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