LicenseFinder Improvements

July 30, 2013 Paul Meskers

LicenseFinder, everyone’s favorite gem license auditing tool, has received a slew of new features and improvements. If you’re unfamiliar with LicenseFinder, it’s a tool that allows you to manage and discover the licenses of your project’s dependencies. The core functionality allows you to

  • Scan your project’s dependencies to determine their license
  • Set a whitelist of accepted licenses
  • Set a list of bundler groups to be ignored
  • Manually approve specific dependencies
  • Manually add/remove additional dependencies not in your Gemfile

Over the past few releases, we̵#8217;ve been able to introduce a number of features and general improvements:

  • Full jruby support
  • Improved license detection
  • Persists dependency information in a sqlite DB
  • Improved HTML report of dependencies and action items
  • Robust CLI powered by thor

For those who have not yet started auditing their licenses, it’s now easier than ever. Configuration is managed through a command line interface, and results are presented in an easy-to-read HTML report and CSV file. It can be easily integrated with a rake task or CI build, and provides a non-zero exit status when unapproved licenses have been found. Be sure to check out the thorough readme for detailed usage instructions.

We’re always looking for feedback, so if you’re using LicenseFinder and have any comments, be sure to reach out!

Happy auditing!

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