Learning Languages and Frameworks

April 20, 2015 Adam Berlin

You’re getting an itch

So, you’ve been programming for a while now, but you’ve been using one stack. Let’s say you’ve been building web applications with Java, Javascript and HTML. New languages or frameworks seem like fun, but you are worried that you won’t be able to convince your manager that it will be worthwhile to try something new.


How to quickly scratch that itch

Find someone who does know those languages and frameworks. Have them teach you! At Pivotal, we do pair programming nearly 100% of the time. I’ve found that pairing is a great way to ramp up on something new. The time-gap between when I have a question and when I can get it answered is far less than using Google and Stack Overflow to answer questions. I’ve had a lot of fun learning new languages and frameworks this way. I’ve picked up Java and Spring, Node.js, Django and Python, Angular.js, and the list goes on. Each time, I’ve been sitting next to someone that can guide me quickly through the learning process. My pair can often quickly use my existing knowledge to translate into the new situation.
Don’t be afraid. Go seek out new knowledge, and learn it fast. Ask a bunch of questions. Spread your new knowledge to others. You’ll be able to bring some of the things you learn back to where you started and improve there too.


Even better, help someone else through the learning process via pairing. You’ll learn a bunch.


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