Jasmine 1.2 released

June 5, 2012 Davis W. Frank

Jasmine 1.2 has been available, quietly, for a few weeks now. But consider this the official announcement.

This release is relatively minor, but has a lot of things under the hood that will make it easier for us to continue to improve the project. Some highlights:

Jasmine Core Fixes & Features

  • New HTML Runner/Reporter (designed by Sean Durham) is now the default
  • An improved toEqual matcher for deep Objects

Jasmine Gem Fixes & Features

  • Detection and support for the Rails Asset Pipeline
  • All requests served with no-cache headers, helping out when your browser supports them correctly

Development fixes

  • Catch-up on issues with recent Rubygems and Ruby 1.9.3
  • Fixed bugs when developing for Jasmine on Linux
  • Moved CI to Travis
  • Cleaned up the building/concat of jasmine.js
  • Overall better task code, now tested, for building & testing Jasmine

In addition, we’ve revamped the Jasmine home page to give you a better online reference for using Jasmine every day in your projects. It should cover all of the public interface for writing tests. If we’ve missed something, let us know. It uses Rocco with a custom layout and includes Jasmine on the page, giving you not only a reference, but a test run to see if the reference runs green (Big thanks to Michael Jackson of Twitter who made the suggestion of ‘running documentation’).

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