Introducing The Pivotal Ready Partner Program

March 16, 2016 Nick Cayou


sfeatured-PRPPOur customers are demanding more consulting resources, and the new Pivotal Ready Partner Program is here to support their needs in conjunction with our partners.

From the C-level down, companies are facing digital transformation and must change how they deliver software and data. These same companies are making strategic, long-term decisions that designate Pivotal Cloud Foundry as the core platform for all future, digital initiatives, allowing them to respond quickly and meaningfully to market opportunities and threats. Our current product leadership, professional services teams, and consulting partners are experiencing massive growth and ongoing demand here, and we need more help.

With the new Pivotal Ready Partner Program, just launched at the end of February, we are positioning our partner ecosystem to play a critical role—helping our customers make the transition to a modern, digital enterprise. Pivotal is committed to collaborating with well-respected partners across all major industries, and this new program is designed to support our customer needs and build a robust Pivotal Cloud Foundry partner community.

Why The Pivotal Ready Partner Program

We developed the Pivotal Ready Partner Program for two primary reasons. First, as enterprises continue to adopt Pivotal Cloud Foundry, partners are clearly becoming more important to Pivotal. The rapid growth of our Pivotal Cloud Foundry business has been terrific. Customers such as Ford and Comcast have all recognized the value of the platform and are benefitting from it in a meaningful way. One of the byproducts of this success has been our need for partners to help us deliver Pivotal Cloud Foundry related services. Examples of these services include architecture and applications planning/strategy, application refactoring, application migration and operationalization, Cloud Native application development, PaaS expansion and “Day 2” operational enhancements.

Pivotal is in the business of helping companies through digital transformation. We do have a services organization that drives and supports customer implementations of Pivotal Cloud Foundry. That being said, the customer demand for Pivotal Cloud Foundry has been immense. Our team has been running at capacity, and we expect this situation to continue. In lieu of building out a large services organization, we want partners to help us meet this demand.

The second key reason we have launched the Pivotal Ready Partner Program is to help partners take advantage of the Cloud Native opportunity—helping companies use high performing patterns to deliver software faster, consistently, and reliably at scale.

Over the past twelve months, we have had scores of discussions with partners who are either investigating and/or investing in the Cloud Native space. These discussions have ranged from those partners who are evaluating an entry into the market to those who are aggressively investing and hiring talent. These conversations have all been interesting, and we have learned something from each one of them. However, there is one common theme in virtually every dialogue—to be successful in this space, partners should have a relationship with Pivotal.

About The Pivotal Ready Partner Program

We built the Pivotal Ready Partner Program to address these two needs. It is a two tiered (Registered and Advanced) service program developed exclusively to support the system integrator and consultant community around Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Each program tier has a set of requirements and benefits. The Registered level serves as an “on ramp” to a formalized partner relationship with Pivotal. Partners entering at this level will have access to a foundational group of benefits along with a set of minimum partner requirements. The Advanced tier of the program represents a more robust partner investment with Pivotal and includes an increased set of benefits. Joint business planning, a higher commitment to partner competency and prior relevant experience are required at this level.

Join The Pivotal Ready Partner Program

If you are a consulting or system integration partner and are interested in helping enterprises transform their business to become Cloud Native, please consider applying to the Pivotal Ready Partner Program. We invite you to partner with the company that is leading a global technology movement and transforming how the world builds software.

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About the Author

Nick Cayou

Nick Cayou leads Pivotal’s Global Ecosystem and Business Development Group. This group is responsible for helping Pivotal’s ecosystem partners, build, operate and extract value from next -generation big data architectures, cloud application platforms and agile development. Nick has been with Pivotal since its inception in 2013. Prior to Pivotal, Nick led global emerging technology business development for the EMC Data Computing Division after EMC’s, acquisition of Greenplum in 2010. Nick has also built and led federal operations for 3 startup companies (2 of which were acquired). Nick has 18 years of experience in the technology industry and has held a number of roles in engineering, business development and consulting at McDATA Corp, EMC Corp, Microsoft, Cisco Systems , in addition to a number of technology start-ups. 

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