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August 5, 2014 Dan Carwin


Today Pivotal proudly announces the formal availability of the Pivotal App Suite. The Pivotal App Suite brings together Pivotal’s strategic open source investments in Spring IO, Groovy & Grails, RabbitMQ, Redis, Apache Tomcat, and the Apache HTTP Server, and combines them with Pivotal tc Server, Pivotal Web Server, and Pivotal RabbitMQ into a single, flexible platform product offering. Customers adopting the Pivotal App Suite today will also enjoy an easy technical migration into platform as a service in the future, as the components in the Pivotal App Suite are also built into Pivotal CF, the leading PaaS offering based on Cloud Foundry.

The intent of The Pivotal App Suite is to simplify the process of purchasing an application development platform and middleware by providing a best-of-breed collection of commercial products and open source support, while giving you the flexibility to choose which components you want to run and where you want to run them. As your architecture needs and runtime environment change over time, the Pivotal App Suite adapts with you by virtue of its transferrable cross-platform licensing and support, including physical, virtual, and cloud environments and by giving you the freedom to change the runtime architecture at will.

What’s in the Box?

The Pivotal App Suite is a platform based on open standards for developing and deploying modern, highly-scalable applications. It contains web and Java application servers, cross-platform asynchronous messaging, in-memory data caching, and the latest innovations in JVM-based application development. The Pivotal App Suite includes all of the following:

Commercial Products

24 x 7 Production Support for open source projects

How is it Sold?

Pivotal’s innovative licensing model for the Pivotal App Suite greatly simplifies the purchasing process and enables you to move your licenses across platforms when your environment changes.

The Pivotal App Suite is licensed to run on three types of compute environments:

  • Physical, bare-metal computing environments
  • Private virtualized and cloud computing environments such as VMware
  • Public Cloud IaaS computing environments such as Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, etc.

The Pivotal App Suite is sold based on processing power, and the metric is the most granular unit of processing power that translates across all environments—the core equivalent. On a physical computer this is simply the total count of CPU cores in the environment. Similarly in a virtualized environment, such as VMware, this is the count of virtual cores in the environment. (Virtual machines are assigned one or more vCPUs, and if these vCPUs are configured with a single virtual core each then licensing the Pivotal App Suite is a simple count of the vCPUS allocated to the environment.) The leading public IaaS providers all provide specifications as to the number of virtual cores or vCPUs in the environments they provide, and the Pivotal App Suite is licensed in these environments by counting the total of the most granular processing unit provided—typically vCPUs or Virtual Cores. Examples: Amazon , Google , Microsoft , HP , RackSpace

Licensing The Pivotal App Suite according to the amount of compute processing power you allocate to the environment enables you to freely move workloads across physical environments and into or out of public or private virtualized cloud environments. Furthermore, because you are licensing strictly according to compute power, there is no restriction as to how few or how many Pivotal App Suite components you can run together in your licensed environment, and you have the freedom to change the mix of runtime components as you see fit in order to accommodate changing workloads and evolving architectures.

The Bigger Picture

This new way to purchase products is part of Pivotal’s overall agenda to streamline the economics of developing and deploying modern applications that are data-intensive and scale across public and private infrastructure. This is the third major milestone this year toward that end. Earlier this year we announced the Big Data Suite, allowing a similar type of fluid assignment of licenses under a subscription and including unlimited support for data stored in Apache Hadoop®. More recently we released a new harmonized version of Spring IO, where all of the major components, including Groovy and Grails, “just work” together without the worry of third-party version dependencies. Finally, this month we are extending this easier way to consume and reallocate licenses to customers for our application fabric platform.

Developer Support, Training, and Professional Services

In addition to the 24×7 premium support that is included with the Pivotal App Suite, Pivotal offers developer support which covers all components the Pivotal App Suite and is licensed per named contact. Pivotal also offers training and professional services for all components in the suite.

Editor’s Note: Apache, Apache Hadoop, Hadoop, and the yellow elephant logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation in the United States and/or other countries.

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