Empowering Platform and Application Operators to Achieve Outcomes Faster with VMware Tanzu Academy

April 4, 2023 Victoria Wright

Widening skills gaps have had an outsized impact on organizations in the tech sector. In fact, 87 percent of companies surveyed by McKinsey & Company report that they have been or will be negatively impacted by skills gaps. Considering that more than half of all applications are expected to be modern by 2024, according to a VMware report, this is a cause for concern; do we have enough skilled talent to keep up?

Technology is rapidly changing, and Kubernetes and the VMware Tanzu portfolio are new concepts for many people. Since it’s so new, it can be difficult to find comprehensive, effective training—let alone finding folks who have in-depth experience with this technology. When it comes to platform and application operators, the people powering your cloud native ecosystem, we believe it’s especially important for these team members to be equipped to deliver the outcomes your organization desires. Whether it’s enhancing platform and application engineering processes, optimizing workflows, or ultimately making your organization move more quickly, the role of platform and application operators is critical in this era of rapid cloud native adoption.

Today, we’re excited to announce Tanzu Academy, an on-demand, comprehensive learning hub for platform and application operators to become experts at achieving meaningful outcomes with Tanzu products. Built by Tanzu experts, members gain access to highly curated material, such as expert tutorials, guides, and hands-on labs infrastructure. 

 Tanzu Academy has two membership options—a free tier and a paid tier. With the free tier, users get access to on-demand expert Tanzu training via robust videos and written articles and lessons. The paid tier allows access to that and more, including manually provisioned IaaS infrastructure and hands-on labs. There is a plethora of additional content for paid members, such as in-depth learning for products like VMware Tanzu Application Platform, VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations, and VMware Tanzu Application Service. Paid members can learn how to install, maintain, and get the most value out of each product.

Not only can skilling up your platform and application operators be beneficial to unlocking the full potential of cloud native technology, but it can also help bolster your recruiting and retention efforts. We all know that the competition for high-performing talent these days can be cutthroat, and companies industry-wide are struggling to attract that talent. With such a rapidly evolving labor market, difficult economic headwinds, and constantly evolving technology, standing out is becoming increasingly onerous. Again, considering that 87 percent of companies have admitted to or anticipate facing skills gaps, management teams know that hiring the best talent is going to drive real business outcomes, but they're having a hard time attracting and retaining that talent.

By investing in your people with robust training, your teams can develop a competitive advantage by enabling career advancement, expanding technical knowledge, and incentivizing continuing education with your employee base. Ultimately, the benefits of investing in your platform and application operators could not only help you drive business outcomes by helping them perform better, but could also help you retain your number one asset: your people.

We believe that comprehensive training programs are a critical part of achieving your business outcomes—especially with new and rapidly changing cloud native technology. To start supporting your platform and application business goals today, visit Tanzu Academy to register for your free membership.

For more free learning, check out KubeAcademy to learn Kubernetes from experts, at your own pace. 

About the Author

Victoria Wright

Victoria Wright is a product marketing manager at VMware Tanzu Labs.

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