Pivotal Spring Runtime: Comprehensive Support for OpenJDK, Spring, and Apache Tomcat

May 28, 2019 Ryan Morgan

On March 24th, Spring Framework® celebrated its 15th birthday, an impressive milestone given all the choices developers have today when building applications.

Over the years, Spring® has continued to innovate and collaborate with its open source community to provide pragmatic and trusted solutions to developers’ most challenging problems. The goal is - and always will be - to guide developers on their journey through technology advancements. This is one reason why millions of developers choose Spring each month.

However, changes to the Oracle® Java SE distribution and support have raised questions in the community. Many companies and enterprises are scrambling trying to understand their options around support of their application investments.

To address these concerns, Pivotal is announcing official support of OpenJDK™ via Pivotal Spring Runtime, comprehensive support for all your Java environments. You can download this from the Pivotal Network.

In Spring Runtime you get:

  • Pivotal Distribution of OpenJDK. Pivotal’s OpenJDK distribution includes ongoing support, plus regular security and performance updates. We’re big fans of OpenJDK. In fact, we recently signed on as a Platinum Sponsor of AdoptOpenJDK to help advance the interests of the OpenJDK community.

  • Spring Support. Pivotal now offers commercial support for the most popular Spring projects—including Spring Framework®, Spring Boot®, Spring Cloud®, Spring Cloud Dataflow, plus many more.

  • Apache Tomcat® Support. Pivotal supports the open-source project, as well as Pivotal tc Server, our open-core enterprise extended edition of Tomcat. Spring Runtime customers can expect regular security patches and other updates.

The SLAs for all these services are described in Pivotal Support Services Offerings.

Spring Runtime is available as a yearly subscription; pricing is available per Kubernetes® Pod and per Core. This table summarizes the options, but see our Product Guide for more details:

Product Name

Spring Runtime

Spring Runtime

Unit of Measure

50 Kubernetes Pods

8 Cores

Annual Price

$25,000 / 50 Pods / Year

$4,000 / 8 Cores / Year

Spring Runtime is included with your Pivotal Application Service®subscription, so if you’re a PAS customer running apps on the platform, you already enjoy support for these workloads. But for applications that aren’t on PAS, Spring Runtime is an ideal option.

We support Linux® and Windows® server environments. Whether you have server-side apps running on bare metal, VMs, containers, or Kubernetes, Spring Runtime has you covered.

Let’s take a closer look.

Spring Runtime: Simple and Hassle-Free

First up: OpenJDK, the topic du jour.

Pivotal Distribution of OpenJDK is Proven at Scale

As the name suggests, this distribution is based on the open source OpenJDK. You can download the bits from Pivotal Network.

This tech has built millions of containers. In fact, it has been at the core of the buildpack that powers PAS since 2013. (It’s part of the open-source Cloud Foundry Application Runtime as well.)

With the Pivotal Distribution of OpenJDK, you enjoy:

  • Pivotal’s distribution features the same tech you’ve used for years.

  • Regular security updates.

  • Regular performance improvements.

  • Reliable support, along with simple and fair pricing.

  • A comfortable upgrade path. Upgrade to new releases when you are ready.

You can also take comfort knowing that Pivotal can initiate bug fixes and changes to OpenJDK should the need arise.

Support for Spring, from the Folks that Know Spring the Best

Spring is the most popular web framework; it’s how the modern enterprise does application development. Any credible support offering must include Spring as part of the deal. Shouldn’t you get that support from the company that employs more Spring committers than anyone else? That’s what you get with Spring Runtime.

The bundle includes support for all of these wildly popular open-source Spring projects:

Many other projects are included as well. To see the full list, refer to the Spring Runtime product page. And of course, you will continue to get all the new features that the community adds to these supported projects over time.

Having trouble with a supported project? Reach out to Pivotal Support, and we’ll troubleshoot the issue. Now all your Spring apps can benefit from this same level of support.

(Of course, you can continue to use Spring and get community support for free. The change here is that you can opt for more comprehensive support if you so desire.)

Support for Apache Tomcat—the Most Popular App Server

A recent survey showed some surprising results: “more than 4 in 10 respondents use Tomcat as their application server of choice.”

That’s why Spring Runtime contains Pivotal tc Server, our longstanding distribution of Apache Tomcat. What’s so special about this component of the bundle? Two things:

  • Curated extensions, including templating, diagnostics, and clustering. Pivotal provides a number of pre-created configuration templates to help you accelerate time-to-value. You can also create your own custom templates. Consequently, new runtime instances of tc Server can be quickly deployed with the exact set of features and configuration desired.

  • Support, security, and convenience. Pivotal has loads of expertise in Apache Tomcat. In fact, our engineers contribute new features and bug fixes directly to Apache Tomcat. We also have the ability to backport bug fixes into deployable patches for current release versions of tc Server.

That’s Spring Runtime.

Make The Move to Spring Runtime Today

The longer you wait, the longer you’re using out-of-date bits that can be insecure. Or you could get handed a large support bill. So reach out to Pivotal today, and let’s talk about how Spring Runtime can deliver peace of mind for your application estate.

Want to learn more? Register for the webinar: Supporting Java, Spring, and OpenJDK in the Enterprise: What You Need to Know.

Work with Pivotal, and we’ll show you a whole new way to think about application development.

Oracle, Java and OpenJDK are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Apache®, Apache Tomcat® and Kubernetes® are either registered trademarks or trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation in the United States and/or other countries. Linux® is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries. Windows®is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

About the Author

Ryan Morgan

Ryan Morgan is the VP of Engineering for Pivotal’s Application Platform group, which includes the teams behind the popular Spring Framework and RabbitMQ open source projects. Ryan has nearly 20 years of enterprise software experience, starting as a developer on the popular Apache Web Server and later acting as the Chief Software Architect and co-founder of Hyperic, a systems monitoring and reporting tool acquired by SpringSource in 2009. Upon SpringSource's acquisition by VMware in 2010, Ryan lead the commercial engineering team on delivery of VMware vFabric. Ryan holds a bachelor of science in computer engineering from the University of Nebraska. He was awarded the young alumni award for the University of Nebraska in 2010 and sat on the College of Engineering's technical advisory board from 2011 to 2014.

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