Introducing an Enhanced & Redefined Tanzu CloudHealth User Experience

June 17, 2024 Dan Naparstek

VMware Tanzu CloudHealth is a market leading multi-cloud financial management (or FinOps) platform that helps organizations make sense of their cloud data, optimize and control cloud spend, and grow their cloud management practice. More than 22,000 organizations globally rely on our platform to optimize and govern over $24B in annual multi-cloud spend. Known for offering the highest levels of data integrity and scalability, Tanzu CloudHealth enables enterprises and managed service providers to deliver higher quality products and solutions faster, while keeping costs under control. 

We are thrilled to introduce one of the most significant updates to Tanzu CloudHealth we’ve ever made with an all new experience for our users. This new experience brings new features and capabilities that equip FinOps practitioners and cloud operations teams with the solution they need to continuously manage and optimize their multi-cloud environments. It provides a new, modern user interface that enables action on pressing items across multiple clouds quickly and informs decision-making with relevant contextual data that does not require additional navigation. The new Tanzu CloudHealth experience will initially be available in Tech Preview, and interested customers can reach out to their account team to request more information.

FinOps and Cloud Operations teams will find it much easier to collaborate, with all users accessing the same data and a shared platform. With all teams speaking a common language, multi-cloud environments can be governed and optimized more effectively, and FinOps practices can be more successfully implemented across the organization.

The new Tanzu CloudHealth user experience is powered under the hood by a unique graph datastore. The significance of the graph datastore lies in its ability to capture many-to-many relationships typical in multi-cloud environments, which can be used for dependency mapping and to visualize the relationships between cloud resources and services. The graph datastore is also extremely scalable and can meet the needs of your business no matter the size of your multi-cloud environment or number of users in your organization. Users can also leverage the Graph QL API that is available through the new experience.

The new user experience includes a vastly enhanced feature-set, highlighted by:

  • Tanzu Intelligent Assist - a large language model enabled chatbot that allows users to gain insights about their clouds and services — including resources, metadata, configuration, and status — through natural language without following a specific query format. For Tanzu CloudHealth, Tanzu Intelligent Assist will make it easy and efficient for users to receive rightsizing and commitment discount recommendations, access granular reporting on cloud spend and usage, or see policy violations across their multi-cloud environment.

  • Cloud Smart Summary - a concise summary of the vast data included in your cloud bills of what is driving your cloud spend, why they change over time, along with suggestions you can follow to further optimize your costs. A  smart summary is a single sentence description of your  cost. There is  additional context that informs and explains usage changes happening to a certain resource and generative AI-assisted suggestions and insights for further action.

  • Optimization Dashboard - a single, customizable pane that brings together all available commitment discount recommendations, rightsizing opportunities, and anomalous spending across your clouds and services, allowing you to take action to realize maximum savings for your organization. The dashboard also provides users with a summary of the potential savings opportunities they could have taken advantage of for immediate savings over the last 30 days, such as commitment based discounts and resource rightsizing opportunities .

  • Realized Savings - detailed reporting and analysis alongside key performance indicators that quantifies savings realized over a desired timeframe in your multi-cloud environment, showing exactly how well you have been maximizing the business value of your cloud usage. The provided Effective Savings Rate widget measure the return on commitment discount investments, while the Unit Cost widget shows the normalized spend of EC2 instances per vCPU.

Over the next couple weeks, we will be releasing a series of blogs diving deeper into each of these enhanced features to give you a glimpse at how you can supercharge your FinOps practice with the new Tanzu CloudHealth user experience.

If you are attending FinOps X in San Diego (June 19-22), we would love to meet with you to answer your questions and show you more about the future of Tanzu CloudHealth. Come visit us at our booth at the FinOps X Expo, or reach out today to schedule a meeting with our team.

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Dan Naparstek

Dan is Senior Product Marketing Manager for VMware Tanzu CloudHealth & Tanzu Hub. He focuses on overall messaging and enablement, VMware Explore events, dad jokes, and driving the launches of new features. Prior to joining Broadcom, Dan held roles in sports marketing, brand consulting, market research, and earned his MBA from the Carroll School of Management at Boston College.

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