If You're Serious About Digital Transformation, Innovation, and Cloud; Be Sure to Attend SpringOne Platform 2018

May 15, 2018 Therese Stowell

How can you drive outcomes that your customers actually want faster?

If you’re serious about digital transformation, innovation, and cloud, keep reading. Every person involved with your company’s transition to a software-defined business should attend SpringOne Platform, this September 24–27 at the Gaylord National Resort in the Washington, D.C. area.

Who might that be exactly and what will they gain? 

Line of business managers get a better understanding of cost savings, speed to market, and new ways to engage with customers who, powered by software, can accelerate their business goals to meet customer demand.

Architects learn how to architect modern cloud apps, and potentially refactor apps to be hosted on Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF). 

App devs walk away from SpringOne Platform knowing how to write bleeding-edge microservices applications using Spring Boot, .NET, and more—that’s how you create business-differentiating software. Leave the boilerplate code behind and start writing code that matters.

Ops teams understand how to automate their day 2 tasks and provide platform as a service to developers. By attending this event, they’ll learn how to perform efficient day 2 ops, upgrades, and infrastructure patching—and that makes operations a lot more fun. 

CIOs/CTOs and Chief Digital Officers get love, too—this event isn’t just for practitioners. It’s an opportunity for key decision makers to learn how to build a digital presence for their company by engaging with senior leaders from companies who’ve already invested in their transformation journey. Think companies like Ford, Boeing, and others. 

CISOs and Infrastructure security practitioners learn how to modernize their practices to realize efficiencies in some of their most burdensome processes, like patching, credential management, and compliance. Adopting a “secure by default” posture enables security teams to position themselves as accelerating innovation rather than hindering it. 

By bringing your full stack—everyone who will be involved with your digital transformation— you’ll come away with a shared frame of reference, energized to make the transformation happen, and get closer as a team. 

I can personally attest that last year’s show was amazing—and not just because I got to deliver a keynote where I explained how leader-follower works in distributed computing! I saw lots of insightful talks, caught up with plenty of old friends, and made many new ones. This year’s event should be even better.

I hope to see you and your entire team in September.

And as a special bonus, feel free to use the code S1P200_TStowell when you register to save $200 off your SpringOne Platform pass.

About the Author

Therese Stowell

Therese Stowell is Product Manager at Pivotal. She has worked in the software industry for 20+ years as programmer, interface designer, and product manager. She worked on Windows, developing the command line environment, founded a successful social enterprise, and was part of a startup team to win a Nesta Open Data Institute £40,000 prize. She also has an MA in Fine Art.

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