How To Write About PaaS and DevOps Without Once Typing “PaaS”

April 15, 2015 Coté

featured-devops-paasMany of us here at Pivotal have been eagerly contributing to the ongoing conversations around DevOps. What’s become clear over the years is that DevOps is more a discussion of how to do things—the process—than what the tools and technologies are. As Andrew and I discuss in an upcoming Pivotal Conversations episode, this is why DevOps is all about culture, rather than available technologies.

Bearing that in mind. It may seem odd, then, that I’d want to point you towards a piece that explains how I think a “tool” can help spread the ideas of DevOps more broadly. In this case, the tool is a good cloud platform such as Pivotal Cloud Foundry. That’s the upshot of a recent guest column I wrote for Here’s an excerpt:

With a solid platform in place, the blinking cursor beset can start getting the full benefits of the DevOps dream: gathering rapid feedback on how customers are using their software and continuously learning and deploying new, better versions of that product to deliver value for the business. Once the larger organization embraces the notion of being a “software-defined business,” this means IT staff must start directly programming the business. They become not a provider of “IT services” bound by the limited budgets of a “cost center,” but the ones who create and deliver the business’s core products.

The rest goes over the blinking cursor problem and how we’re seeing companies get beyond that hump. Check it out, and let me know what you think!

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