How to Use Mobile to Drive Conversions

February 25, 2013 Megan Wheeler

According to Google’s thinkmobile presentation, almost four out of five U.S. shoppers use their smartphone for shopping-related activities. 70% of U.S. shoppers use phones while shopping in-store. Clearly, the mobile device is a huge influence on them while they’re shopping. They’ve got their eyes on the screen despite the shelf of merchandise in front of them.

As a retailer, you may be curious about how you can use mobile to your advantage. While there are various ways to add to your bottom line, mobile devices can be specifically used to drive conversion rates. We explain exactly how in our recent whitepaper.

This recent whitepaper is a joint effort by our Director of Business Development, Jeremy Black, and Mobile Product Manager, Breanna Hughes. It looks into three key strategies that retailers can use to drive new revenue from mobile devices:

1. Real-time customer data
Real-time data about consumer behavior provides retailers with the means to understand their customer better than ever. This data can be analyzed and used to deliver a personalized experience, resulting in increased sales volume.

2. Push notifications
The global trend of increasing smartphone penetration means retailers can engage with their customer anywhere at any time. Mobile applications coupled with targeted messaging represent a huge opportunity for retailers to increase the average transaction size.

3. Internal application development
An optimal enterprise application should empower in-store employees to deliver superior customer service, and provide head office with a powerful reporting tool that influences long-term planning. By constantly refining organizational processes based on the application’s real-world usage, companies can foster increased customer loyalty.

Curious to learn more? Head on over and download the complimentary whitepaper here.

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