How ‘The Martian’ and Radiohead Explain Open Source

January 10, 2017
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Last week, I had a conversation with a seasoned, Silicon Valley CEO. Yet, even with two successful exits and an ivy league MBA, the idea of open source still strikes chords of fear, uncertainty and doubt. So much so, he has never used it for his businesses.

Why Is Open Source Ideology So Compelling?

, from Benchmark Capital. At the time, Peter was rumored to have the midas touch in open source. Now it seems it is confirmed, as I see he is officially number 2 on Forbes Midas List of venture capitalists for 2015. Given his previous moniker, I wonder if they made that award just for him.

How The Martian Explains The Open Source Movement

He Gave It Away For Free

He Built A Community That Guided Him

They pointed out problems in the plot. They discussed ways to fix it. They discussed options for the story and gave Andy ideas he may not have thought up on his own.

He Kept Prices Low And Grew His Market

He Created New Derivative Works And Capitalized

The Win-Win Factor Of The Open Source Movement Is Key

How Radiohead Used Open Source Ideology

Open Source Ideology Alone Does Not Equate Success

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