How Mobile is Revolutionizing Enterprise

March 22, 2013 Allan Baril

Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are increasingly being adopted in the enterprise. These devices are revolutionizing the enterprise, much like the personal computer did in the early 80s. When PCs were introduced, they did not supplant mainframes and minicomputers in organizations for many years; instead they were utilized for new, novel applications such as spreadsheets and word processing.

Mobile devices enable employees to work where and when they want. Not all people are productive at the same time and/or in the same environment. It’s not a coincidence that many technology companies have embraced practices such as flex-time and allowing workers to work remotely several days of the week. Tablets allow workers to leave that bulky laptop at work and catch up on e-mail while commuting home. They enable easy review and annotation of a colleague’s report or presentation while relaxing in front of the TV.

A significant amount of research demonstrates that people are less creative when they are intently focused on a task in the office. Tablets and smartphones enable creative problem solving while outside the office and less engrossed on said problem. Secure access to documents can be a stumbling block, but innovative companies, like Box, provide secure cloud storage, while apps, like the Cypress app we built, provide secure access to documents on your mobile device.

Tablets also offer a new way to interact with and visualize data. It is no mistake that after experiencing the simple and intuitive interface of top-tier apps on their mobile devices, people expect mobile enterprise apps to work in a similar, seamless fashion. The PC brought us the PowerPoint deck, which I’m sure everyone has experienced in an endless meeting while the presenter droned through 80 slides, filled with bullets in 12 point font.

The nature of the tablet makes it great for presenting material in a much more interactive and engaging fashion for all attendees. The single app focus of many tablets helps remove the temptation to check e-mails and text colleagues, allowing employees to better focus and collaborate during a meeting. Imagine a “second screen” app providing immediate access to background material and data relevant to that meeting.

The growing trend of mobile technology being adopted in the enterprise is at the beginning. Mobile devices won’t replace your laptop at work but will augment it, solving new use cases and improving your overall productivity while providing a more convenient and elegant experience.

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