Highlights from the Pivotal Summit in Korea

April 10, 2020 VMware Tanzu

Pivotal’s third annual Korea Summit, which was held in Seoul in November 2019, had nearly 400 attendees and featured presentations from Samsung Electronics, KB Financial Group, and LS Industrial Systems. 

 Welcome area at the Pivotal Korea Summit held in Amoris Hall, Yeoksam GS tower Seoul

Developing smart things and account servers at Samsung Electronics using Spring

Salva Jung, a Samsung Account platform architect and project lead at Samsung Electronics, shared how its developers use Spring technology for Samsung’s large-scale global authentication service platform, which supports over a billion subscribers and more than 2 billion calls per day. 

Public cloud migration

As Jung explained, Samsung adopted a three-phase strategy to modernize its authentication service platform—migrating to a public cloud, refactoring legacy apps, and using a container-based cloud-native infrastructure—which enabled its developers to deliver reliable and effective services. To support the migration, they used Spring technology to enable their platform and accelerate change. Other Spring products they used included Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring Cloud, Spring Framework, and Spring Tool Suite.

Benefits of using Spring Cloud Config

Since all of its applications are currently based in Spring, Samsung chose Spring Cloud Config, which enables centralized support for both the dynamic and static configuration of cloud-based applications.

As Jung noted, Spring Cloud Config also allows both symmetric and asymmetric keys to store sensitive data, including passwords and other critical data. To support this feature, Samsung uses the AWS KMS add-on to protect keys from unwanted exposure. 

Example of Spring Cloud Config model

Benefits of using Spring Cloud Netflix Zuul

Samsung is also using Spring Cloud Netflix Zuul, which is provided by Netflix and the Spring community. With 2.5 billion requests per day, Samsung uses caching to reduce loads to its database of microservices on the back end. Spring Cloud Netflix Zuul supports protocol translations, which allow for translations to RESTHTTP, GRPC, SOAP, and others. Jung also demonstrated how Samsung used Spring Cloud Netflix Zuul when it migrated from Chinese IDC and EU IDC.

Spring Cloud Gateway

Watch the English-subtitled presentation or watch the presentation in Korean.

Building KB CLAYON through culture and technology innovation with Pivotal 

KB Financial Group’s private cloud platform, CLAYON, was built to accommodate “infinite imaginations” through cultural and technological innovation. Kim Tae-woo, who is responsible for KB Financial’s open innovation platform strategies, shared how the company partnered with Pivotal to make this stride in innovation happen.

Culture change

A platform ops service dojo with Pivotal led to KB Financial designing the basics of CLAYON, followed by a focus on changing the developer work environment. As Tae-woo explained, the company subsequently created a digital content lab, a single space dedicated to heightening and accelerating the developer experience through cross-collaboration. Thanks to the positive reaction from its developers, KB Financial expects to double the size of the lab in the coming months.

In the next stage of its cultural journey, KB Financial concentrated on building a cloud platform through a partnership with Pivotal Labs. This involved creating a development methodology for CLAYON. As Tae-woo noted, the CLAYON team was able to use the agile methodologies learned at Pivotal Labs to start its development of the new real estate platform known as Liiv ON.

Layout of the KB Financial CLAYON Digital Contents Lab

Technology expansion

Tae-woo explained that, when it came to technology, the platform team’s primary goal was to secure expertise in cloud, infrastructure, and PaaS technologies while simultaneously expanding the number of projects it can support.

The CLAYON team built a cloud platform and created an SaaS system using open-source technologies. In introducing cloud and agile development methodologies, the team created its own DevOps, which was a new concept for its members; it enabled them to create a faster development environment than by using traditional practices in financial computing. Tae-woo ended his presentation by noting how the CLAYON team and members of its collaborative ecosystem is creating a multicloud environment where developers can choose the cloud that best suits their intended service needs.

Cloud and agile development methodologies

Watch the English-subtitled presentation or watch the presentation in Korean.

Digitally transforming at LSIS

LS Group presenter Sohn Sang-Gi

LS Group, which was spun out of LG Group in the early 2000s, is a power and automation industry leader. LS group Manager Sohn Sang-Gi explained how its LS Industrial Systems (LSIS) division has partnered with Pivotal to achieve the technological goals of its current digital transformation.

App navigator and delivery

LSIS engaged in an app navigator event storming session with its customers, Sohn explained, which yielded two things: Boris and SNAPe. Boris, whose name is a nod to The Who song, “Boris the Spider,” represents the flow of customer thinking, while SNAPe provides the specifications required for developers. After the session, LSIS developed a delivery strategy that incorporated weekly pre-IPMs and retrospectives and a daily agile dose of standups, pairings, and demos.

Sohn noted how LSIS began as a product company and transitioned into an IT company, which meant that its developers had to learn agile methodologies focused on extreme programming. Using Pivotal Tracker, LSIS devs are able to measure their delivery progress, which has greatly improved through the development of their new agile practices. 

Daily and weekly team structure at LSIS

Watch the English-subtitled presentation or watch the presentation in Korean.

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