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June 15, 2012 Brian Cunnie


  • asset pipeline testing with RSpec render_views

I’m trying to test the asset pipeline configuration in our project. I’ve tweaked our test environment to it won’t automatically compile assets;


config.assets.compile = false
config.assets.compile = true

alas in controller specs that have render_views, breaks:

controllers/application.js isn’t precompiled.

(which is not true)

in most cases I can remove render_views, but that’s not ideal.

To fix it, make sure digest is true.

  • capybara-webkit + headless + lobot CI => Locking assertion failure

Tried sloppy locking and downgrading libx11 to 1.0.3, but no success.

Probably a Qt error, make sure Qt is 4.8.1 or 4.8.2 or try recompiling Qt or dependencies.


  • rake db:test:prepare with spork

We got frustrated having to shut down spork every time we wanted to run a migration.

We dug in, and found that we needed to close the ActiveRecord::Base connections in the prefork block. ActiveRecord automatically reestablishes the connection post fork.

We opened a pull request on spork-rails with the fix:

  • javascript:

Chrome and other browsers are now stripping out ‘javascript:’ from the beginning of urls that are pasted into the addressbar. This is not a problem with links that start with ‘javascript:’

  • Head OK, empty body, JQuery == bad mixture

“Head OK” with an empty body returns a single space & confuses JQuery because a single-space string is invalid JSON. A work-around is to set the content-type to NOT be application/json. Or render :text => ” or render :json => {}

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Birchbox is looking for experienced RoR Engineers

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