Greenplum Sponsors Research on Big Data Analytics

July 18, 2012 Milind Bhandarkar

The sheer enormity of big data presents competitive, technical, and organizational challenges to businesses. Organizations must manage the massive amount of content generated by users and machines to reap predictive insight from a deluge that increases in real-time. It’s an adjustment that requires new approaches to doing business. The Center for Large-scale Data Systems research (CLDS) at University of California, San Diego, aims to identify the challenges posed by big data, and how organizations can best respond.

“Data-driven science and decision making are driving the growth of big data, creating a nexus of large-scale data systems, high performance computing, and data analytics,” said Dr. Chaitan Baru, Director, CLDS and chair of the NSF-sponsored Big Data Benchmarking Workshop. “Almost every organization is dealing with the pressures of data growth.”

To identify data-derived value opportunities and challenges for businesses, the CLDS is embarking on a number of lines of inquiry:

  • What are the various modalities of large-scale data encountered in different types of applications?
  • What are the end-to-end issues posed by large-scale data, from data creation, to ingestion, processing, and deriving value?
  • What are the high-performance processing requirements associated with effective management and processing of big data?
  • How to design systems to manage and process the data?
  • What benchmarks will reveal the performance and price characteristics of such systems?

Aware that such challenges must be identified and addressed, Greenplum has signed on as a board-level sponsor of CLDS. Greenplum will help set the research agenda of the center, and engage with the researchers and students at the San Diego Supercomputer Center who are working to illuminate the future of big data analytics and its role in the years ahead.

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