Greenplum Acquires MoreVRP

November 29, 2012 Mike Maxey

featured-cf-genericWe are excited to announce that EMC has acquired More IT Resources Ltd., a privately held company based in Israel, and will integrate it immediately into Greenplum. More’s flagship product, MoreVRP, brings to Greenplum a comprehensive database control and monitoring platform.

The company was established in Israel 6 years ago. From Israel, More has served customers worldwide and its tools are monitoring billions of transactions in the verticals of Finance, Telco, Internet , Pharmaceutical and others. The More team will join the Greenplum team and continue to enhance the solution and reach many more customers.

What does this mean? It means that Greenplum customers can use the MoreVRP platform to better understand the system while improving performance and control. MoreVRP takes a revolutionary approach to database and system resource management by optimizing resource allocation in real-time at the OS transaction level to perfect IT performance. MoreVRP is the only solution that has the ability to leverage the knowledge it collects to proactively reallocate resources across all active transactions in accordance with business priorities via dynamic IO and CPU resource allocation.

MoreVRP increases productivity and reduces total cost of ownership, capital and operating expenses. Greenplum customers can leverage the VRP engine within MoreVRP and the powerful reporting capabilities to dramatically cut migration, upgrades, and troubleshooting projects. The system also simplifies highly concurrent environments by allowing more users to run queries simultaneously and shift resources dynamically between the various consumers based on business needs. When combined with Greenplum’s Command Center management interface, we will be delivering the industry’s premier management and control offering.

To learn more, please visit the MoreVRP website, download the Greenplum solution brief, or watch this informative video.

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