GoGaRuCo '09 – Lightning Talks

April 19, 2009 Pivotal Labs

Lightning Talks

Bosco is introducing the speakers. Come to the ruby meetup!

Jeff Smick – Blather

GoGaRuCo '09 - Lightning Talks - Jeff Smick - Blather

  • Simpler XMPP
  • Make XMPP4R easier
  • Requires libxml-ruby and EventMachine
  • simple DSL
    -Handlers for ready, error, message, presence, iq
  • Guards route stanzas
    • Guards can be symbols, hashes with string, hashes with regexs, lambdas or arrays
  • PubSub is in the works and coming next

Tim Connor – Rack Middleware build, init call cycle

GoGaRuCo '09 - Lightning Talks - Tim Connor - Rack Middleware build, init call cycle

  • based on the sinatra flash plugin
  • Wanted to remove sinatra from it
  • Found that every time you say “use” you are creating a lambda which will create an app reference
  • You can check out his Rack::Flash

Wolfram Arnold – What’s Cool about cache money?

GoGaRuCo '09 - Lightning Talks - Wolfram Arnold - What's Cool about cache money?

  • Nick Kallen wrote the original Cache Money
  • Backed by Memcached
  • Abstracts away the caching between the code and the database so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Can just do User.find instead of User.get_cache
  • named scope, has_many, etc will all work transparently
  • Can almost use it as a drop in to add caching
  • Cache Money doesn’t support joins but check out acts_as_most_popular

Yehuda Katz – Moneta

GoGaRuCo '09 - Lightning Talks - Yehuda Katz - Moneta

  • Moneta is allows you to create objects that behave like hashes backed by any format you want
  • Behaves just like a ruby hash
  • Has adapters for BerkeleyDB, Datamapper, Memcached, S3, xattr, rufus and more
  • Easy to write new adapters

Andy Delcambre – Datamapper Adapters

GoGaRuCo '09 - Lightning Talks - Andy Delcambre - Datamapper Adapters

  • Making it easier to write datamapper adapters
  • Wrote an adapter for github repos today
  • Demonstrating pulling down Github repos and searching with datamapper syntax

Brief interlude trying to figure out why the projector was not working

GoGaRuCo '09 - Lightning Talks - four developers trying to debug a bad display adapter

Erik Michaels-Ober – Merb Admin App

GoGaRuCo '09 - Lightning Talks - Erik Michaels-Ober - Merb Admin App

  • like active scaffold for rails, this is for merb
  • modeled after Django site admin
    uses their css and js
    python manage.py runserver
  • introspects your model to display form elements intelligently
  • adds a generator for adding new admin
  • not up on github yet try sferik on twitter

Mislav Marohnić – RSPACTOR for continuous tests on OSX (& more!)

GoGaRuCo '09 - Mislav Marohnić - RSPACTOR for continuous tests on OSX (& more!)

  • “make it green then make it clean”
  • autotest
    • Problems
      • one big file
      • awkward growl integration
      • pitfalls when using rspec-rails plugin
      • polling – uses 25% of cpu when idling :(
  • Original RSpactor written by Andreas Wolff
    • OS X only because it uses filesystem events
    • made for Rspec + Growl integration
    • Console tool
    • but abandonded :(
  • Mislav-RSpactor
    • cleaner, more modular, default mappings for usual directory structure
    • better mappings if its a rails project
    • tested!
    • so modular you can reuse the Listener if you want to listen for mac file system events
    • uses a lot less CPU
      • running related tests while you TDD
      • compile Haml/Sass for static sites
      • trigger javascript sprockets build
      • render RDoc output while you edit comments
    • it can be run for all projects in your filesyste, you just opt each project in

Bryan Helmkamp – Rack::Bug

GoGaRuCo '09 - Lightning Talks - Bryan Helmkamp - Rack::Bug

  • Rack middleware
  • inspired by Django debug toolbar
  • Modular, can be used for any rack app
  • Panels
    • rails env
    • rails response time (cpu time)
    • request vars (session cookies, rack env)
    • keeps track of SQL queries – shows backtrace on queries, explain for queries
    • count of ActiveRecord instantiations on the page using Oink
    • can look in Memcache cache
    • template traces (times for rendering)
    • aggregates all Rails log entries
    • KB delta for process size of Ruby during a single request
  • runs on production environments, password protected
  • instruments using alias_method_chain hacks
  • Working with Yehuda Katz on Orchestra to someday soon simplify it

Pat Nakajima – No more Keynote with Slidedown

GoGaRuCo '09 - Lightning Talks - Pat Nakajima - No more Keynote with Slidedown and Maker's Mark

  • Speaks at NYCrb meetup, and didn’t want to use Keynote
  • Wanted to use Markdown but also wanted syntax highlighting
  • Generates an HTML page that you can use to run your presentation
  • The Maker’s Mark library was extracted to do easy syntax highlighting in Markdown

Chris Lee – Floxee – OS Twitter Dir

GoGaRuCo '09 - Lightning Talks - Chris Lee - Floxee - OS Twitter Dir

  • open source twitter dirctory application
  • tweet congress
    • directory of tweets from members of congress
  • Floxee on Github

Max – PaMP: Privacy-aware Marketplace

GoGaRuCo '09 - Lightning Talks - Max - PaMP: Privacy-aware Marketplace

  • From IBM Almaden Research Labs
  • privacy-aware market place
  • Goals
    • to develop a platform that allows users to manage their privacy settings across social network
      -reducing the cognitive burden on a user; leveraging the wisdom of his crowd
    • Maps to opensocial, etc

Andrew Cantino – SelectorGadget

  • No time :(
  • “SelectorGadget is an open source bookmarklet that makes CSS selector generation and discovery on complicated sites a breeze.”

Kyle Maxwell – Parsley

  • No time :(
  • “Parsley is a simple to use and elegant language for creating HTML and XML parsers”
  • “Parsley can be used from Ruby, Python, C/C++, and the *nix command-line.”

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GoGaRuCo '09 – Raffles!

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