Getting Smart with Containers, Outsourcing, and Data Science

December 8, 2017 Steve Casale

Learn how enterprises are investing in containers and organizational change.

RedMonk industry analyst and trend-watcher Fintan Ryan drops in on Built to Adapt to share his impressions of SpringOne Platform, making enterprises happy with any workload through the newly announced Pivotal Container Services (PKS), and negotiating some common stumbling blocks as enterprises go cloud native, and invest more heavily in containers, and organizational change.

“Giving people permission to fail is quite a big deal…all of those things need protection from the management infrastructure.”
Fintan Ryan

He touches on the broad — though not always intuitive — considerations that developers and compliance organizations need to address to balance developer velocity with security needs, use outsourcing judiciously, and closing the gap between unmet promises and practical achievements in data science.

Built to Adapt is at SpringOne Platform 2017 to talk to the people leading the world’s largest technological transformations — from challenges to trends, and insights to anecdotes. If you work in technology at any level, you’re going to want to hear from these innovators. Talks are hosted by Jeff Kelly and Ciara Byrne, journalists for Built to Adapt.

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