Getting Kubernetes to Production

December 13, 2017 Pivotal Software

How the partnership between Pivotal, Google and VMWare brings agility and security to your containers.

In a very short period of time — and we’re talking the technology sector, here, so really short — the open source container orchestration software Kubernetes has brought a healthy measure of respect and opportunity for operators, through the promise of reliability and ease in running different workloads on any cloud. While interest in running containerized workloads has taken off, Kubernetes has had its challenges getting to production. Enter Pivotal and VMware, with Google, which will bring transformative container agility, with high security.

Jeff Kelly and Ciara Byrne sit down with Pivotal’s SVP of Product James Watters and VMware’s General Manager of Cloud Native Apps, Paul Fazzone, to talk Pivotal Container Services (PKS), the partnership between Pivotal, Google and VMware, to explain the container runtime collaboration that allows any IT shop to instantiate, deploy, and manage highly available Kubernetes clusters on any cloud.

Built to Adapt is at SpringOne Platform 2017 to talk to the people leading the world’s largest technological transformations — from challenges to trends, and insights to anecdotes. If you work in technology at any level, you’re going to want to hear from these innovators. Talks are hosted by Jeff Kelly and Ciara Byrne, journalists for Built to Adapt.

Getting Kubernetes to Production was originally published in Built to Adapt on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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