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May 28, 2012 Pivotal Labs

Every morning at 9:30, Bob Marley reminds all of us at Xtreme Labs that we need to “Get up, Stand up”. We all congregate on the 5th floor to discuss hot news in the technology industry, interesting facts or stories, as well as any announcements that need to be made. This way, all Xtremers are up-to-date on the latest information from the industry.

Facebook IPO
Last week at Xtreme Labs we discussed the rise and struggle of Facebook’s IPO since it went public last Friday, closing on its first day at a price of $38.

  • Since going public, Facebook’s stock has been on a decline, its lowest point dipping just below $31. Currently, Facebook is facing scrutiny from the public, as well as facing lawsuits from shareholders.
  • In April of this year, there were half a billion mobile Facebook users (more than 2x the number of iPhones ever sold). Also, with the addition of the App Store that was released on the website this week, mobile users will be even more engaged.

Kodak Patent Declared Invalid
We also were buzzing about the Kodak patent, “Method for Live View Display and Digital Camera Using Same”, that was declared invalid by a judge in the Eastman Kodak Co. vs Apple/RIM lawsuit on Tuesday.

  • This meant that Apple and RIM both did not commit patent infringement, and resulted in the The U.S International Trade Commission ruling against Kodak.
  • Since January of this year, Kodak has been operating under Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Google Tablet Rumours
On Thursday we discussed the rumours surrounding the 7-inch Google tablet.

  • The tablet is being co-developed by Asus, and according to rumours the plan is to initially ship about 600,000 units.
  • Specs are currently not being reported, however the tablet is expected to sell for about $200 and is likely to be released in July.
  • Apple has sold approximately 55 million tablets since the first iPad came out in 2010. Will the Google tablet be able to make a mark in the competitive tablet market?

Yahoo launches Axis
Yahoo’s new browser Axis has been launched as of last Thursday for Apple’s iPads and iPhones and also as a plug-in for web browsers.

  • This came at an ideal time, as Yahoo hasn’t necessarily received the best press in the past week, due to Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson stepping down due to a false claim on his resume.
  • The visually rich search software allows users to continue their Internet experience from other devices, customize a homepage, and use just one address bar for searching and typing a website address.
  • Right now Axis is only available in the U.S but should be out to most other markets by the end of 2012.

Facebook Camera Mobile App
Facebook launched their “Facebook Camera” mobile app, which had many people coincidentally bringing up the $1Billion dollar Facebook acquisition of Instagram.

  • The Facebook Camera app allows users to shoot photos from their mobile devices, apply Instagram-like filters, and share with their friends.
  • Users are also able to share single or sets of photos, as well as view their friends photos as a news feed.
  • TechCrunch has outlined what they think are some features of the app that are better than Instagram, and others that don’t measure up.

Google Transparency Report Now Includes Copyright Requests
Finally, we discovered the Google Transparency Report will now be making public the number of requests that copyright owners and organizations send to Google requesting for infringed content to be removed; the domains that are being targeted are available online.

  • Two years ago the Transparency Report project was launched to make public traffic to Google services around the world as well as a map detailing where Google gets requests for content removal.
  • Since then, Google has been adding to the information that they are allowing all visitors to see. Google Transparency displays how many times governments around the world have asked Google to censor online content, as well as the number of requests made for data on users by governments.
  • Before the most recent “Copyright” addition, the Google Transparency report added a section for information on their traffic patterns.
  • Just last month, there were about 1.2 million copyright infringing pages that were deleted.
  • The corporation that has made the maximum number of content removal requests from last month was Microsoft, targeting over 2 million URLs, and last month Marketly LLC was the top reporting organization.
  • Google “[hopes] these steps toward greater transparency will help inform ongoing discussions about the appropriate scope and authority of content regulation online”.
  • Now that there has been such a push for access to information online, as well as removal of unauthorized sharing websites, perhaps it is no coincidence that connected TV, and the use of such programs like Netflix is becoming more popular.

That’s what was hot last week at stand up. Stay tuned next week for another Stand up Round up blog post!

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