Build, Run, and Manage Geo-Distributed Modern Apps with Redis and VMware Tanzu

May 31, 2022

This post was co-written by Neeharika Palaka and Colin Stevenson.

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Today’s developers use tools such as VMware Tanzu Application Platform and the Spring framework to build modern applications. However, to build best-of-breed, intelligent, data-centric applications, developers must utilize a unified, in-memory data layer. This enables development teams to truly scale their applications with the pace of business, especially when that business extends across the globe.

With the combination of Redis Enterprise and the VMware Tanzu portfolio, including the popular Spring framework, developers can do all of these things and more. Read on to learn about our partnership and how we work together. And don’t forget to register for our upcoming webinar on June 9! 

Redis Enterprise Software

Redis open source software is used by many developers today as a cache, an in-memory database, a streaming engine, and a message broker, supporting real-time applications both in private and public clouds. However, for business-critical applications—where speed, scalability, and availability are essential—Redis Enterprise provides a more robust and scalable architecture to deliver better performance, higher availability, and enhanced developer and operations productivity. 

Redis Enterprise is simple, fast, and designed for cloud native applications. It uses modern data models and is deployable across hybrid and multi-cloud environments with Active-Active geo-distribution to support customers’ most critical and complex applications. 

About VMware Tanzu

With the VMware Tanzu portfolio of products, VMware enables customers to make the most of modern applications on any cloud. The Tanzu portfolio provides the foundation of a modern application platform that drives scale across multi-cloud and Kubernetes operations, all with the right levels of connectivity, governance, observability, and automation.

VMware Tanzu enables customers’ software supply chain to be more secure, all the way from app development to having their apps running in production. Moreover, the portfolio offers a cohesive developer experience across any Kubernetes to speed application development and delivery cycles. It’s all about modern apps, powered by VMware Tanzu.

How you can pair Redis with VMware Tanzu

With Redis Enterprise and VMware Tanzu, developers can build, run, and manage geo-distributed modern applications with ease, leveraging a fast and resilient data caching layer that scales with the pace of business. 


Spring is a Java development framework that’s used by millions of developers around the world to build their applications. Tanzu Application Platform streamlines the path to production for developers by providing a modular, app-aware platform that runs on any compliant public cloud or on-premises Kubernetes cluster.

If you are a developer who utilizes Spring and VMware Tanzu to build modern, real-time applications, you’ll want to include an in-memory data layer. If you really want to build a world-class modern app, you’ll want to have true integration between different models (e.g., graph, stream) in your database. Redis Enterprise enables multi-model operations across and between modules and the core Redis data structures to be executed in a fully programmable and distributed manner, while maintaining instant, sub-millisecond latency. 

Redis Enterprise also helps solve a key issue faced by developers. When it comes to creating, scaling, and managing Redis instances, developers are often bottlenecked by the operations teams that help them do so. With Redis Enterprise, VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid users can do these tasks on-demand and with ease, freeing up operations teams for other tasks.

Ideal use cases

Geo-distributed modern applications

Developers around the world use Tanzu Application Platform and the Spring framework to build intelligent, data-powered modern applications. Much like the companies building them, these applications are expected to function in a geo-distributed manner, including in their caching capabilities. For example, consider the management of sessions data and real-time inventory in the retail industry, as in the case of Lemonilo, which uses RediSearch on Redis Enterprise to make the online shopping experience for its customers seamless. Lemonilo has found that aggregate searches bring faster, more accurate results, thus enabling its customers to find exactly what they need, right away. 

High availability for geo-distributed applications

Geo-distributed modern applications typically also need to be highly available, in order to meet the pace and requirements of the business. This is especially important in scenarios such as fraud detection and disaster recovery. For example, Ekata (a Mastercard company) relies on Redis Enterprise for performance and scale, utilizing the software to provide an exceptional customer experience with minimal downtime.

Edge and AI

Not only are today’s modern applications distributed across the globe, but they are often built to function at the edge as well. This is especially crucial in field-intensive industries such as financial tech and retail. For example, Simility (a PayPal service) uses Redis Enterprise for its fraud detection service, enabling the company to easily manage billions of transactions per day and thus keep pace with its growth rate.

Next steps

If you’d like to learn more about how Redis Enterprise and VMware Tanzu are working together to serve caching requirements across retail, financial services, and many other industries, be sure to register for our joint webinar, taking place on June 9 at 9 AM PDT. The webinar will feature great use cases and demos from our speakers, DaShaun Carter (Staff Technologist & Spring Developer Advocate at VMware Tanzu) and Lars Rosenquist (Manager, Partner Solution Architects – EMEA and APAC at Redis). 

If you’d like to get in touch, contact your VMware Tanzu sales representative or your Redis sales representative.

Colin Stevenson is senior director at Redis, covering Partner and Specialist Solution Architects. Neeharika Palaka is group manager, Product Marketing and Strategy, for VMware Marketplace.

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