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March 24, 2015 Kamala Dasika

featured-CF-logo-simplegreenOur Cloud Operations team runs Cloud Foundry at scale for developers on Pivotal Web Services (PWS) while lending their expertise to customers operating their own dedicated cloud native platform. This team’s efficiency and effectiveness is enabling Pivotal to offer PWS as a complimentary deployment option for every Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) customer.

Enterprises can now access a platform managed by Pivotal at no additional cost, and gain immediate value from their purchase while they identify and establish resources for their own cloud infrastructure deployment – whether that is in the public cloud like AWS and VMware vCA or on-premise like VMware vSphere and OpenStack. The comprehensive enterprise support, currently enjoyed by PCF customers, will be extended to their use of Pivotal Web Services as well.

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A Platform That Business and IT Can Agree On

Traditional IT processes that govern platform and compute resources are often at odds with the tight engagement timelines of business initiatives. Enterprise IT departments prefer to provision their own infrastructure, so they can maintain control over the platform, particularly when there are unique performance and security requirements. Typical Operations activities can include setting quotas for users, registration of services, access management with Active Directory, upgrade timing to newer versions of middleware, and much more.

The free hosting with Pivotal Web Services (PWS) provides IT with a convenient option to on-ramp quickly, with the comfort of knowing that there is a clear path for applications to an IT-administered environment in the future.

Applications Target API-Identical Cloud Platforms

The industry has always aspired to “write once and run anywhere” software development. The Cloud Foundry platform provides an abstraction for applications to be written once and run on different IaaS. Customers can take advantage of PWS to enjoy flexibility in capacity planning as their users fluidly transfer their application instances between hosted and self-operated environments.

Pivotal Web Services provides a well known environment, that runs applications for thousands of customers, including applications developed by Pivotal Labs. Users take advantage of simplified build and deploy cycles, powerful tools for monitoring and management, and the same four layers of self healing and availability that are found in Pivotal Cloud Foundry. In addition, a broad catalog of Pivotal and third party Services is offered with simple billing and tiered pricing models that are available to get started with right away.

PWS Services Marketplace


Run Applications with the Leading Enterprise Distribution of Cloud Foundry

At Pivotal, our goal is to help our customers establish and efficiently run large scale IT environments, and accelerate adoption of cloud native architectures. By bundling Pivotal Cloud Foundry with access to an API identical platform managed by Pivotal at no additional cost, we are enabling enterprises to:

  • Get started developing and deploying applications right away while they execute their long-term strategy for operating and deploying Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  • Deploy and manage applications on Pivotal Cloud Foundry without the cost and complexity of providing and maintaining the underlying cloud infrastructure
  • Fluidly transfer their application instances between hosted and self-operated environments, and across different implementations of IaaS

Blog contributors: Andrew Shafer, Logan Lee

About the Author

Kamala Dasika

Kamala Dasika has been working on Cloud Foundry since 2011 and has previously held various product or engineering positions at VMware, Tibco, SAP, and Applied Biosystems. Kamala started her software career 17 years ago with a transformative technology – the first fully automated, high throughput instrument used to sequence the Human Genome. She believes she is working with another transformative team at Pivotal that will change the way software is produced. Kamala holds a B.S.E in Computer Engineering and an M.B.A., Marketing Management.

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