Four Must-See Developer Videos On Pivotal Cloud Foundry

February 8, 2016 Coté


sfeatured-PCFWe recently did a small video series with our friends at The New Stack. Together, these videos cover the Cloud-Native approach that Pivotal is helping customers embrace to transform their businesses to be more nimble. The four part series goes over Pivotal Cloud Foundry as whole, looks at the platform, and then wraps up, digging into two of the more popular frameworks for Java developers—Spring Boot and Spring Cloud.

These sessions are presented by Casey West, Josh Long, The New Stack’s Alex Williams, and myself. Except for my introductory video, these are full of actual, running code brought to you by witty coding fingers of Casey and Josh. Instead of a boring monologue, Alex plays the voice of the audience, so to speak, asking questions through-out and breaking up what would otherwise be a one-way conversation.

Here they are:

Video 1: Introduction—A Platform for Keeping Promises

We start off with an introduction from myself and go over the high-level concept as well as the layered approach of “promises” Pivotal Cloud Foundry keeps. This is a short reprise of the Gartner AADI talk I did awhile back—if you want to dig into more detail:

Video 2: Pivotal Cloud Foundry For Developers

Casey does a full walk-through of what it’s like for a developer to use Pivotal Cloud Foundry. He covers using Docker as well, and even Perl! During the discussion, he explains deployments, configuration, high availability, network communications, scalability, and more—all with open source bits:

Video 3: Quickly Spin Up Applications On Cloud Foundry’s Spring Boot

Josh covers one of his favorite topics, Spring Boot. If you aren’t yet familiar with Spring Boot, it helps developers quickly create stand-alone Spring apps that are production ready, and Josh walks through the creation and modification of a reservation application as an example:

Video 4: Streamline Service Configuration With Pivotal’s Spring Cloud

In the last video, Josh covers how Spring Cloud helps address deploying, configuring, and manage microservices with Spring Cloud. This discussion includes common patterns of centralized configuration, performing updates, and using both Netflix Eureka and Ribbon:

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