Four fancy little apps for a more visual workflow

December 6, 2013 Nina Mehta

As it turns out, I’m a person. And like many persons, I too am a visual creature. Technology isn’t naturally built for people or to be visual. Here are four apps I’m using to help bring less clicks and more imagery into my daily flow.

Awesome Screenshot – Longpage captures

Until I found this, I had no way to take full captures of websites without stitching them together like a dope in Photoshop. Check the ‘autosave’ box in the Extensions options to skip the annotation step and get one-click awesomeness. I like Coin’s new homepage, in one click, I saved it forever.
Single Screenshot of Coin

ShiftIt – Window management

In one keyboard shortcut, reposition your windows to take up half or a fourth of your screen. Here I’m updating my Thanksgiving Asana list with Martha Stewart’s recipe for Sweet Potato Rounds. Yum.

Momentum – Nice new tab

Every month there’s another Chrome app for your new tab. This one shows me the time and beautiful photo with a prompt for something to focus on today. Thanks for the tip Noah.

DevRocket – iOS asset exporting

This goodie is for iOS designers. In one click export all (or selected) Photoshop layers into assets. Unlike the Photoshop generator, DevRocket automatically exports to retina and non-retina. And no need to manually sludge through the mudd add extensions to layer names. It’s really one click and as easy as the demo promises. It’s worth $19 of your own smackeroonies if you can’t expense it.


More lovely apps
I’d love to hear if you’re using any of these too or know of some other good ones. This is my fourth installment that shares some great under-discovered apps. Here some others I love:
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